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How To Develop Your Intuition (Part 2)


                                                                                  HOW TO DEVELOP YOUR INTUITION

                                                                                                        PART TWO

                                                                                                  THE ACTIVE MIND


Once you've learned to completely relax your body and dismiss it's incessant demands, you're ready to quiet down your active mind.You relax your body by first finding a very comfortable position, then letting go all body tension of any kind.You breathe deeply (abdominal breathing) and relax every muscle.

As explained in Part One, the benefits of complete relaxation and deep breathing include more energy, deeper relaxation, removal of toxins from the body, calmer state of mind and greater emotional control.With practice, you can completely relax and receive these benefits in only a few moments - definitely in less than a minute.

Once your body is completely relaxed and you're breathing deeply, your mind will become over-active.It's natural.That's why we call it the active mind.Your active mind is really three separate and distinct minds all working together or contrary to each other.

The first part of your active mind is your Subconscious Mind.Your subconscious mind is your memory of everything in your life.It's your past, or at least what you consciously and unconsciously remember of your past.

When you start thinking about things which have already occurred in your life (or in a past life), you're accessing your subconscious mind.Usually this is the first mind you access when you get very relaxed and comfortable.

Your subconscious mind is also your good and faithful servant which will do anything it can to serve you.When you ask for something in your life, your subconscious mind will do anything within its power to accomplish that request.Herein lies great untapped power.

By simply asking your subconscious mind to stop remembering you can quiet it down.By asking it to help you tune into your intuition, you get help.It's really that simple. Ask, and your subconscious mind will do everything within its power to do exactly what you ask.It really is your good and faithful servant.

When your subconscious mind quiets down and helps you access your intuitive mind, you'll usually start imagining all sorts of possibilities.This is your second active mind, your Imagination, at work.Your imagination imagines your future just as your subconscious remembers your past.

Your imagination can be controlled as easily as your subconscious mind.Ask it to stop imagining the possibilities, and it will.Ask it to imagine you communicating directly with your Intuitive Mind, and it will help you do exactly that.

You can easily shut out the past and the future by using this simple technique of redirecting your subconscious and imaginative minds to help you tune into your Intuition.

The third part of your active mind is your rational mind.This mind operates in the here and now.Your Rational Mind is your two-year-old-tantrum-throwing mind.It likes to do things its own way.It's your own personal critic.It also flatters you.Either way, it tries to control you.It is not your Good and Faithful Servant.It may be your own private Demon.

Your Rational Mind does not behave well when you ask it to stop thinking.It doesn't like to do what you ask it to do.It won't help you tune into your Intuition.In some ways your conscious mind is in competition with your intuitive mind.

There are several ways to calm down your thinking (rational) mind.One way is to occupy it with a saying of some kind.The Yogis call this Mantra. It doesn't matter what you say.What matters is you just say it to yourself, inside your head, over and over.Occupy your mind with saying something over and over.If you're on a spiritual path, you may want to use the Divine name of your choice to occupy your mind.

You can use a Yoga mantra like Om Nama Shiva Ya (pronounced om na ma she veye ya).You can use an affirmation like I'm slim and sexy.Any affirmation will do.You can repeat the words to a poem or song or even an essay.Here's one of my favorites:

I am an intuitive person.My subconscious mind is helping me tune into my intuition.My imaginative mind is helping me tune into my intuition.My body is relaxed and sleeping.My rational mind is calm and listening alertly to the small quiet voice of my intuition.This is a long mantra or affirmation, but it says it all.Over and over it says it all.

Another way to quiet down your Rational Mind is to ignore it.Treat it like a child.Anytime you become aware you're thinking, tell your mind you're not interested an dismiss it.Most rational minds don't like to be dismissed, so they keep coming back like a child with something else to talk about.If you're using this technique, keep saying you're not interested and dismiss it.Eventually your rational mind will go off somewhere and pout like the child that it is.

That's all there is to it.


1.  Place your body in a comfortable position.

2.  Completely relax your body and release all tension.

3.  Breathe deeply.

4.  Refocus your subconscious mind on tuning into your intuitive mind.

5.  Refocus your imaginative mind on tuning into your intuition.

6.  Ignore or occupy your rational mind.

7.  Listen attentively for your intuitive mind.


After just a few practice sessions, you'll hear that small, quiet voice that comes from deep within you and you'll know your intuition is alive and well.


                                                                                         [ Intuition - Part Three ]

                                                                                         [ Intuition Index]



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