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Pick3 Observation: Friends in Every State: Doubles Playing Drawing/Day: Theory...


I heard that doubles play every 5 or 7 days or 4 days or whatever...This is a Theory...If you had family members, friends, relatives in let´s say 10 or more states like: 15 states...Doubles should play every drawing...4 or 5 times a day...The Law of Averages well not actually the law of averages but the Law of Randomness should tell you that they will play everyday...

Think about it as a long string of: Pick3 and imagine that the number 3 is doubles, well if you look at: 10 pick3´s lined up you will see the number 3 in there once or twice or maybe 4 or 5 times...Is a law of randomness/averages....

So doubles across states should play every single drawing in one state or in a couple of states withing a group of 7 or 10 states...Sometimes is the way you look at it..

If Pick4 was in every state the same thing will occur with Pick4...You are going to see 2 numbers out of the 4 numbers repeat every drawing in 1 or 2 or 3 states in the group of 7 to 10 states...

Is a theory....So if you know which doubles are coming and you was to bet: $20 per state straight in the group of 7 or 10 states (Pick3): you will lose: $140 and win: $10,000-$20,000 PER DRAWING and $20,000 TO 40,000 PER DAY...You dont have to bet $20 you can bet: $1 per state is up to you....Sometimes is the way you look at it....

i owe this idea to the movie: Angels & Demons movie i looked at it and it gave me the idea...

this is if Every states plays pick3 twice a day...And if it doesnt play every drawing it will play every day, one drawing yes the other no...Remember 2 Pick3´s drawings play every day...

sometimes is the way you look at it... 

and remember to see the numbers as:

1 and 6 = 1

2 and 7 = 2

3 and 8 = 3

4 and 9 = 4

5 and 0 = 5

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