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Last Edited: February 17, 2010, 1:53 pm

Yesterday was a good day, the 618 came in Ohio for Snake. I must of called about 10 numbers, good luck to winners! the Tri State 647 comb. Tenn. 010, because i dreamed someone gave me $10.00  so that is why I called that number, all the popular numbers. I even played the 418 for Ca. and it came in the Pick 4 with a 1 4181 how Ironic.   I was really on the money yesterday, MyLurking Horoscope has money bag all this week. so If i win you win too, with the numbers. The 882 came 2x.  from a vision.  Toliet. I m getting better and better with this. Last night, I prayed and ask god to guide me where my numbers will fall. I know that 212 came yesterday in Ga, it doesn't mean a thing though, I am hoping for it to come in Ohio, or somewhere, where ever I play it. I kept seeing the 212 in my Dream. So if you want to play the pick 4 play the 2120.    2130 comb. It could fall somewhere. I was in the hospital, so that is why I am playing 212, and also 213. they both play for Hospital.  My birthday is coming up, so I know i will be playing the 219, I think the 967 will fall. Just a hunch. Don't know where I never know where.  Even Baby could come, 069, 121 219 120. ok, I will be back with some updates. I hope everyone wins some money!!!   Box these numbers, wheel them or play them Str8 We are all in this together.  Good luck to everyone!! Let me put in my numbers before i forget!Big SmileYes NodLOLBlue Angel I forgot the 765, 567 365, 647, I just love that numbers, Money!!! 1:57pm. Update I posted the 539 for singing in a thread let's play this game, and it came in N.Y. Str8 ROFL

Entry #52


marcieComment by marcie - February 17, 2010, 1:55 pm
That dream was so real. I seen a Lady singing. last time i dreamed about singing it came in Ga. and Fl. 539 Ga. and 042 in Fl. now it came in N.Y Feb.17th.
marcieComment by marcie - February 17, 2010, 8:27 pm
485 Str8 also came, for N.Y. it plays for Dog, and i posted it in mystical.   About my Neighbor dog getting hit and killed. I played it in Ohio. It was too late to play it In, N.Y. because I posted it about 7:05pm.
marcieComment by marcie - February 17, 2010, 11:46 pm
Well hold on with these numbers in my Blog they don't always come out the same day. I see that Snake came in N.C. 263 my vision. actually it came twice today. Feb. 17th.
marcieComment by marcie - February 18, 2010, 10:19 pm
The 166 comb, came in N.Y for Dog, and the 115 came in Fl. or Dog. 508 for Bark. All Feb. 18th    551 for Ga. lots of numbers today.
marcieComment by marcie - February 22, 2010, 12:30 pm
I am trying to figure out a way I can get paid while blogging or posting numbers. so far, I went to Google Blog. Which i have an account. Google adsense will pay you to do Blogs by the people that come to your blog. well It's in the making. I have one blog already The lottery and win some money. Do a search for Marcia Scott. and you will find my blog. in the Google blogs. That is just one example. or Look under the lottery and Lucky numbers. anyway i found it putting my name in goggle search. Let me know what you think about it?

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