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Africa, Asia, India: A Call to your Hearts: How much it cost for you to have: the following games


Last Edited: February 19, 2010, 10:08 am

Listen the STATE OF VIRGINIA has 7 million people...Almost all countries in Africa & Asia have above 20 million people...How much it will cost for you to have:

The State of Virginia Cash5 (USA)...And..(Same payouts)

State of Texas Two Steps....(USA) (same payouts)

And Pick3/0-9

And a Pick2/0-9

Stock Market Readings Lotto Game with Compressed Numbers in the form of a lotto game...

Who wants to be a millionaire type of lotto game...

Global Trends Readings Lotto Game with compressed numbers in the form of a lotto game...

With the same payouts...Playing 5 times a day...You can tax the same thing the USA TAXES on winnings...

How much it will cost you...

To the people that want to chip in...CAN DO SO...Your money will be returned...I was thinking: $500,000 people chip in: $25 a month for 5 years..It will be: 750 million dollars..Placed in the bank at: 6% it will be: 45 million dollars coming to you every year..With the interests you lobbied/bribe government officials into placing the following lotteries i mentioned...I dont understand is not like the country is not going to make money off of it...

It will take like: 20 years but the people that chip in will get their money back...Even if is 20 years later...And is for their own good...

Listen a Supercomputer CANT NOT SEE EVERYTHING...

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