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How to play my Addition and Subtraction Numbers!!


Last Edited: February 21, 2010, 8:37 am


Blog Notes...

I know that I have quite a few numbers posted. But there is a key to understanding how to choose the right numbers from my list. The main key is in knowing how to Run Down Numbers. I have discussed this in previous blogs. How To Pick Your Numbers From My List? If you know how to run down numbers and work from a run down here is the main key! Check your run down and compare it to my list to see if any of the numbers appear on my list. If they do play those numbers. Also if any numbers appear on my list that was drawn in your state play the number on list that appear in front and behind those numbers. For an example on my list the 163 was drawn in Georgia on Saturday Midday...In front of it is 788 and behind is 837...you could either play those two numbers or you could run them down and play the entire run down...Front run down would be 788-899-900-011-122-233-344-455-566-677...and the behind run down would be...837-948-059-160-271-382-493-504-615-726...by the way, both sets of numbers are due in Georgia this week. You would use the same system for Cash 4 as well. As you may notice also that a great many of my numbers come box...I like straight hits...box hits are only good for play back. If you notice if my numbers do not come straight they will often come in reverse order...so if you were playing 788 and 837...you would play 887 and 738 as well. My numbers also come from the center to the back...you would play them 878 or 378...those are the most frequent ways that my numbers come if you are like me and like straight hits. I hope that you have a very profitable and successful week! mrlottery15!!!

The Rundown Numbers as well as others can be found at http://www.mrlottery.net .

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