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Some Thoughts & For those people who are mean: Just having some fun..


Last Edited: February 24, 2010, 4:15 pm

i got this idea after i was watching a show:

People that say they are bad: How many of you eat: Mushroom everyday...LOL...

If you was on a internet cafe and there came a guy and talk to the dispatcher of the internet cafe and said: Screw You retard i am coming back with an AK-47 and i am going to shoot everyone in here who is in the internet cafe...Will you stay or will you leave...LOL...

if you have beef with someone do you have an extra house to go to because you know they are coming to your house...I owe all of this idea to a guy named: Miguel who i overheard a conversation...

You know perfume, you know countries that have high levels of violence, you know PERFUMES, sorry to say this but i feel is an unnecessary spending....Not just that i heard while been in the USA that people are starting to use less perfume...So what if you took the: perfume cost and use it for helping people come out of violence...Yeah your $3.00 perfume is fine but the ones that cost more than that should be out...(just an idea trying to help)....

after all which one you prefer...to have 50 (3 dollar perfumes) for everyday of the year, or 1 frasco of a 100 dollar perfume and have it last you: 1 month...

Entry #700


Comment by pumpi76 - February 25, 2010, 3:34 pm
plus anyone could get a: 1 dollar and 74 cents perfume place it in a 140 dollar perfume or cologne and nobody will notice...

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