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People & Countries of the World: West Virginia Cash25 Could Topple the USA Stock Market


Last Edited: February 26, 2010, 12:35 pm

People of the world i want to apologize...I realized that, West Virginia Cash25 can become a miniature Stock Market...People of the world i want to apologize...West Virginia Cash25 can become a miniature Stock Market where people can bet and there is a limit on the bets....Where if someone wants to win: 700,000 they must bet: 30 dollars...And make it the only lottery in the particular country....You could make a limit of: $50 per bet per person or $50 per bet per person but try it first with $50 let it pick up steam and popularity and then try with $50 maximum bets, but i think each ticket will have to cost: $2 per ticket in order for it to pick up steam and try it with a: Pick4/24 first see how it does...Buy a supercomputer, linked it to the terminals and let the supercomputer analyze each bet and weigh it with the Pick6/25 RNG....

Guess WHAT? West Virginia Cash25 can OVERTAKE/OVERTHROW the USA Stock Market...But it has to pick up steam over decades, maybe over 30  or 40 years....If let just the same way for a century it MIGHT OVERTAKE/OVERTHROW/TOPPLE the FOREX it could become BIGGER THAN THE FOREX, it has the potential...But for the mean time leave it as a miniature Stock Market...

Entry #703


Comment by pumpi76 - February 26, 2010, 1:35 pm
And there is something i want YOU to know...There are people dont know if they are an organization, but there are people WHO KNOW the future...How they do it, i dont know...You know the butterfly you could not tell where it is moving, well there are people who know the spot in inches where a butterfly will be at: X time...I dont think this organization/people are psychic for if there was a real psychic you will not hear about him/her...Again this people are GOOD, THEY ARE TOO GOOD...You ever heard of winning Keno with the other 10 numbers with 1 ticket, this people CAN DO IT...i dont know if they are humans because i think that someone to be THAT SMART can not be human i think they are humans but they are VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY GOOD, TOO GOOD...And what´s worse is that people CANT PICK IT UP...THEY CANT PICK IT UP...I think this people: COUNT STEPS i dont know...But they are too good...They are TOO GOOD FOR THE POLICE/FBI...The kind of intelligence that they got...Have you ever heard the term: TOO GOOD FOR MATHEMATICS or TOO GOOD FOR THE LOTTO OR TOO GOOD FOR THE STOCK MARKET...That´s the kind of crap i am talking about...I hope is a spirit and not a humans or organization...I dont know if they are TOO GOOD for the USA ARMY but they are TOO GOOD...
Comment by pumpi76 - February 26, 2010, 1:37 pm
i have seen stuff that CAN NOT BE DONE BY A HUMAN, yet I HAVE SEEN THEM...

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