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CHEMISTRY lotto & Electrical/Solar Engineer Lotto (Solar Light Bulb): to the World: Very Important


Last Edited: March 6, 2010, 1:00 am

                                     It needs to be done...Some time in the next: 20 years...The earlier we start the better....Of all the lottos i´ve asked you to do this is the most important.....And so is the good behavior lotto..., OF ALL the lottos i´ve asked you to do this is the most important...

DUDE PLEASE LISTEN...IT NEEDS TO BE DONE...You know, remember the 2 blogs prior to this blog where i wrote about online gambling & sport betting...I am in a predicament...They are important for the government, to create a source of income for the government BUT the chemistry lotto is more important than sport betting or any online gambling...When i say chemistry lotto i dont mean numbers i mean a game...What worries me is that people will play sport betting or online gambling since is so readily available to them and forget the Chemistry lotto or Electrical/Solar Ingeneer Lotto (Solar Light Bulb Shining on Earth or any planet)....I mean EVERY ASPECT OF CHEMISTRY INCLUDING BIOCHEMISTRY.....Dude the chemistry lotto AND THE Electrical/Solar Ingeneer Lotto could have a $20 million jackpot and it is more important than a: 30 BILLION DOLLAR LOTTO or than the STATE LOTTERY I´ll like to same more important than a ¨country¨ but i dont want to go there....And that´s something else that worries me about a billion dollar lotto that it will eclipsed the/covered/belittle the CHEMISTRY LOTTO AND THE Electrical/Solar Ingeneer Lotto...And you need to create a: Pick2...Dude listen...

That´s why when i can understand math no me roba la calma it doesnt made me too angry because i know the chemistry lotto AND THE Electrical/Solar Ingeneer Lotto is more important than the math lotto despite that studying electricity or chemistry involves an understanding of math...

so i am in that predicament....

And this is just an idea for the government (got it from someone here in Panama on the news): The government can create: Restrooms/toilet centers in different areas around the country and have a turnstile and charge: 25 cents or 50 cents for those that want to use it...It can have it all around the country as emergency...Dude there is 3 million people here in Panama and it looks like a lot, NOW imagine: countries with 40 millin people or 60 million people...Dude if you are laughing, YOU ARE HUMAN...And this could be a fountain for the government, something tiny/small on the side....

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