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I have suspected this about 4 years now: Lottery Audit and Racism & Disciplinarism: Coincidence?


You know guys i am starting to suspect something about the Lottery Audits Company the ones that tell the state what kind of lottery they should have....

This CAN not be coincidence....I think they create the matrix for a particular lotto game based on the racial composition of the state/country & based on the either political situation or social CONDUCT of the state/country and based on the image that that state/country has...

Dude states that have the throng sorry to say this...States that have the Ideal desired American caucasian have the best lottos, states that are fill with cities that got lots of blacks dont have lottery, states that have city with high crimes have JACKUP matrices i am talking: 1-70...

 i mean it i dont want to create troubles that´s what i see.....

countries...Germany & Italy....Germany doesnt have a Pick7/70 even if they select: 11 at a time...Germany does not have that but Germany has a REVERSED LOTTO which is even worse where the least selected number is the winner so i heard...Look at italy, what does Italy got: Pick6/90, dude WHO is going to win them and what did this 2 countries did during world war2, the rest of europe doesnt have that kind of lottos...India have you seen the lottos in India, i happened to bumped into a lottery website claiming it was from india i was like jee you couldnt pick any better and other countries in asia dont have that....I even see it here in Latin America...

Not long ago TENNESSE didnt have a lotto, that´s where MARTIN LUTHER KING WAS ASSASSINATED...Arizona, at one point it didnt have pick3 i think, why because that´s where illegal alliens go more often and could potentially make money off of the state lottery....

It was done as if though to control slaves or make the population not revolt or as Discipline....

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konaneComment by konane - March 7, 2010, 3:58 pm
One awesome fact about lotteries is anyone with a dollar and a dream has a chance at winning if (1) they actually buy a ticket for a specific drawing and (2) the numbers on the ticket whether they chose those numbers, or quick-picked them, match the numbers drawn for a specific drawing.

Second awesome fact about lotteries is that since a player is paying for a ticket, they can win jackpots as many times as both (1) & (2) in the previous paragraph are fulfilled.

Lotteries are unlimited in their potential for anyone who dares to dream and follows through with that dream and buys a ticket. Anyone.

BTW as much as I rail against matrix changes, lotteries increase matrices to raise jackpots and appeal to people who are high jackpot chasers, who like the adrenalin rush of playing for high stakes. Nothing more, nothing less.

However I personally have a greater trust in draws which have real balls in real machines and show the actual live draw as it happens, as opposed to draws done by a machine cloaked in secrecy with 'winning numbers' reported by the guy behind closed doors. RNG's are rife with unknowns from which I can imagine all kinds of conspiracy theories.
Comment by pumpi76 - March 15, 2010, 10:21 pm
if people were going after the huge jackpots why play pick5 or pick3, pick5 plays every single day...Pick3 i heard from a lottery site that pick3 is where most of their revenue comes from along with the scratchoffs...

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