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People that are rich/super rich & want to help: Just an idea: Remote Pedestrian Bridges...


Last Edited: March 8, 2010, 3:24 am

If you are super rich or just want to throw money away and help someone, a way you could do it is: pedestrians Bridges in Remote Areas all over the world you could even put your name on it...There are places that people got to cross it hanging out of a chord/rope....All over the world this phenomemon occurs...Not just bridges in remote areas but pedestrian bridges in general on streets, and since YOU was the one who built it you could put your name on it as publicity or use it as publicity area get like: $1,500 a month who knows that could go somewhere...

Again that´s if you want to help...I owe this idea to national geographic that was coming out with its yearly amazing pictures....

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Comment by pumpi76 - March 10, 2010, 8:02 pm
You know what they could do, all those metals and irons that they use and dump on the oceans, they can be drag to the surface, melt those irons/steel make it back up again and form a rectangule without the base sort of like a soccer goalie frame, then in the abyss create a large Y but with a center heavy rod coming out of it like the devil prong and touch the upper horizontal side of that rectangule as a support propping it and you got a heavy bridge, all over these remote areas...And a lot of people are saying how are you going to penetrate the Y well you build the horintal rectangule first 2 of them at each side take a 3 ropes and tie the buseadores/scubadiving people and tie them to those 4 ropes tying them up 2 ropes coming from the horizontal line of the rectangule (without a base line the soccer goalie fram) and 1 rope coming from the left where there is ground/earth and the other 1 rope coming from the right where there is ground also like a heavy support on the left side and a heavy support on the right side...And the scubadivers do what they need to do at the bottom of the river or whatever is it that´s down there dividing the 2 lands...I owe this idea to the army who i saw they show a frame looking like to goalie frame on fox news...
Comment by pumpi76 - March 10, 2010, 8:14 pm
And then you nail 2 long metal heavy bars at the end of the bridge and let the rope tight run from one end of the bridge to the other end of the bridge with a small rope and a circular lock conecting the horizontal rop with the vertical rope and everyone who waslks through that bridge connects some sort of lock with something that wraps around your chest and then you walk the pedestrial bridge with that vertical rope connecting you with that horizontal line rope just if in case something happens you are hanging from the rope...better be safe than sorry....And anyone who crosses tha bridge walks with that vertical rope holding them just if in case...i got this idea from a reality show where they set a line between the shore of the river and the opposite shore of the river...dont remember the name of the reality show....

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