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Some Thoughts...


Last Edited: March 10, 2010, 9:45 pm

New Router to "Forever Change the Internet: Faster Internet:  Cisco made headlines today announcing a next generation router that will revolutionize the internet by increasing downloads to unheard of speed (Got it from yahoo.com)


Why Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Ford: doesnt make cars like this and sell them for: $30,000 to $50,000 like the viper...I remember there was the toyota supra and they didnt make it anymore...(Got it from yahoo.com)


Half of Earth's life may lie below land & sea: (got it from lycos.com)


People would lose 5 pounds a year if soda cost extra 18%: (Got it from lycos.com)


Your Boyfriend:  Could had simply create an RNG, a Pick3/0-3 and create a gambling ring...(i think i got it from lycos.com)


Researchers link inflammation to illness in overweight people: (from lycos.com)




A computerized or mechanical device that rings church bells: Why they dont invent some kind of mechanical or computerized device that rings the rope of bells automatically without human intervention...It will be a nice invention....I was thinking of something that you program and it does it automatically....

Fat people & their hearts: I think that fat people because they got more muscle and bigger frame, their hearts pumps slightly faster than regular people, because blood has to nourish more muscle...Is sort of like a bigger car will need a bigger piston or bigger engine not necessarily but a fat person like at birth...So if they happen to have just a little bit of plaque in their arteries because their hearts pump faster, they will get high blood pressure, and a higher risk of heart attacks quicker, than the average person...A tiny amount of plaque that will not be a problem to the average slim person will be a higher problem for someone bigger in frame or obese or just taller...Just an idea...

Had another idea about the human body but i forgot it because i didnt write it down:

how about this one: Chairs with a rubber cushion mat or tire rubber mat to cushion the butt and upper body: There are chairs that you sit against the wood and your butt gets numb because there is no cusshion...Just finding a use for the rubber of tires...I owe this idea to an ideeli comercial on the internet...or mix the tire rubber with a special rubber and make it soft chair that way all chairs sold in the world at least come with some cushions...or simply a rubber mat that you put on chairs...

Tire rubbers and ropes: Can you make a tire rubber rope or can you envelop a rope with tire rubbers as to make it strong like for mountain climbers...

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