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"Here's Why You Should Take The Intrade Healthcare Betting Very Seriously


Last Edited: March 12, 2010, 11:53 am

Wonder if how much tax payer money is being used to spike the numbers?


Amazing what exposure does to an issue.  Check out the buy amount now down from 60% to 49% as of posting this link.  Today, 11:51 am



"Here's Why You Should Take The Intrade Healthcare Betting Very Seriously

Joe Weisenthal | Mar. 9, 2010, 12:06 PM | 10,064

Source Business Insider 

"Everyone today is talking about the fact that on Intrade the odds of Obamacare passing have spiked up above 60%.

But this doesn't just reflect conventional wisdom. No, this is Washington DC insiders speaking here.

We reached out to InTrade CEO John Delaney, who confirmed that a lot of the trade volume on this particular contract is coming out of DC.

Specifically he said:

...it is a reasonably active market but atypically a lot of the trade is coming from the DC area when normally we might see trade coming from all the major urban areas.

Think of this as political insider trading.

When the insiders are talking, you should listen.

Update: We discuss the possibility that this is manipulation, here.

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"Here's How Obama Is Going To Raise Your Taxes By $1.9 Trillion


$9.154 Billion: Disclosing all payments over $600 to anybody

 What Is The Tax: By re-establishing reporting rules of deals over $600 between individuals or businesses, compliance in terms of paying proper taxes on such deals would increase making for fewer losses in the tax system.

Tax Revenue 2011-2020: $9.154 Billion

Source: Green Book 2011


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