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How to Tell if Someone is Telling the Truth when they take the STAND:Russian Rullete with .38/tazer


Last Edited: March 12, 2010, 12:53 pm

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Joke Idea: How you could Tell if Someone is Telling the Truth when they take the STAND:  Russian Roulette with .38 pistol or Tazer Gun

this is more of a joke fun silly idea...

in court there is usually 1 person lying and the other person telling the truth...Who is telling what you CAN NOT TELL...I say let´s do like King Salomon....Ask the 2 parties if they are willing to do a Russian Roullette with a .38 pistol testifying that what they are saying is true...Ask each party if they will be willing to take a .38 pistol and to put 1 bullet on it, just 1 bullet and if each party/person is willing that someone pulls circular thing of a pistol and pull the trigger once in their head meaning they are taking seriously what they are saying and is true...Meaning they are willing to die because of what they are saying is true...And the game can continue until they find who is telling a lie...JUST THOUGHT IT WAS FUNNY....LOL...Or how about get tazer with a tazer several times...LOL...To see who is telling the truth in court and who ISNT...

But dude dont laught because it can happen to ANYONE EVEN THE MOST RELIGIOUS OF US ALL...

Thought about this like 6 years ago but didnt write down the idea, and like: 1 or 2 years ago i saw the show: Las Vegas and it reminded me of it, but it quickly forgot it....

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