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Infront of My Eyes: Women of the World: Call to your hearts: Women´s Lotto & Women Games Lotto


Last Edited: March 13, 2010, 6:05 pm

                                                Many of you will say, well why not race lottos, yeah that in time will come but you see women are HALF the global population...What comes first comes first...

Countries of the world: Please listen to me, YOU NEED WOMEN´S LOTTO...It sounds like a Muslim thing but you NEED Women´s lotto...

Women of the world, i make a call to your hearts....This is what i say you do...Gather the 3.5 billion women around the world and to each one pitch in. $2 a paycheck for 1 year...It will be: $168 BILLION DOLLARS...Placed in the bank a: 6% it will be: $10 Billion dollars coming your way every single year....With it you are going to use it to lobby governments or bribe them and trying to change law or pass law or whatever it takes into creating a: WOMENS LOTTO in different countries...Not just Women´s lottos but into the research to create Women Games Lotto...If you want you can make everyone play including men but the 1st prize must go to women...IF YOU LIKE...However you want to do it but you know what to do...And you can start in the country of your prefference....

Many say why not more, because i think you should save it for more important issues women will have....

Why have your boyfriend created this????Again YOUR boyfriend...

Women of the world, please listen, YOU and me and your boyfriend and everyone else: IS STILL A WALKING ANIMAL...I dont want to insult humanity but is the truth....Dude you might be nice but inside YOU ARE STILL A BEAST.....We ALL ARE...

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