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We did the work out's we won! Now watch your $$


My dear LPers, I am always looking for ways to put money to work, I have come across this information and I am posting it here maybe it will be good information for you or someone you know, that may have their money in the Stock market! In the Bank, or any money holding Plan! Please read this report!

Dear Money Morning Reader,

We've just uncovered sensitive information that could determine your chances of financial survival. Ican't go into detail here. But if you have a dime in the markets… or ina 401K, IRA, savings or checking account, you must read this report.

Itreveals a lie so massive it makes the crisis, the Madoff scandal, andeverything else look tame by comparison. And it names names, includingsome of the most famous power brokers from Wall Street and Washington.

As you'll discover, their new lie is about to cost Americans trillions…

But some investors are poised to double their money on this situation very quickly.

And we've put everything you need to know in this special report. Please give it a read right now – before their deception costs you another dollar!


Mike Ward
Publisher, Money Morning

P.S. While this lie is about to destroy countless Americans, you can turn the tables on the perpetrators and score huge. Just go here to learn exactly how.

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hoping2winbigComment by hoping2winbig - March 14, 2010, 7:14 pm
Hey jrosina , I believe your intentions & heart are in the right place , and while we know that gold is the best investment these days ...... however , this special report is SPAM , in that they want you to spend 50 bucks if you scroll down to the bottom .......... you can get Shiff's book for 22 bucks on feebay or maybe a public library to read for free ?
Comment by GASMETERGUY - March 14, 2010, 8:55 pm
I agree with hoping2winbig. This is nothing more than a scare tactic to sell a book. Every one knows gold is the only protection against a failing economy ( or bank, or CD, or any thins other than gold). But this is a blatant attempt to sell a book.
Comment by jrosina - March 14, 2010, 9:02 pm
Okay guys, this is good to know. I am glad to get this kind of feed back!! Thanks guys..uuuuffff we have to watch everything these days don't we?

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