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My number book & see the light


My number book consists of what gets predicted here and by my friends and myself from books that fall within a few days, by state they the fall in. If the predicted number falls in NC I record it. Sometimes I do not notice it fall and I have to give credit and thanks to the posters that point out when there is a hit on anyone's prediction.


Numbers travel so any one state can hit from any prediction. We have the best in here. When I am going to hit I feel energy in my hands and arms as I read my cards or filll out my playslip. You may have the same thing happen and just have not noticed it. Good to pay attention to what or how you feel. Just like you can feel some one will ring the phone, or just feel you forgot something and go back. It is the same thing. Deep breath, relax, see how you feel. Not rocket science. Like everything else.. practice.




Let me give everyone a little psy exercize that is simple and reinforces the idea that everyone posseses the ability. I do not agree with the idea that it is a "gift" to only be held by the few. It is an ability the same as touch, hear, smell ect. I digress..


the exercize:


get in a dark closet and crack the door slightly. Rub your hands together untill they are quite warm and tingly, even clap them. Stop and hold out your hands  - fingers from one hand pointing at the fingers from the other hand. Unfocus your eyes a bit, relax. You can see what looks like bluish white lines going from fingers of one hand to the fingers on the other hand. Moving one hand up and down an inch you can see the light lines following your movement. It may take a few times for new people before they see it. After you get the idea of what it looks like you can hold out a hand - say under the desk an see the light around all the edges of your hand and fingers. It is energy, basically. Waving is passing good energy to another. hands folded in prayer point the energy toward the heavens. Reverance and honour.


That is a small thing to let you see your own energy.  A jumping off place for eventually seing auras, spirits, and so on, if you are interested in that sort of thing. If you do that closet thing with another person the energy is increased and easier to see to start off. You can point at each other and see that energy exchange.


the light you see is rather like smoke. Not solid, but veil like. Sometimes there will be color, that is a detailed topic and not called for here and now.


Every husband I ever had could do it and if they could you can !


One more thing. This has a very practical application in daily living. Ex: When I get in my car I occasionally see a flash of energy somewhere on the windshield. This tells me there is an accident potential in my near future. I slow to half the normal speed and every time something that would have been dangerous to me happens - a deer in the road, a car backing out without looking, someone crosses the median, a kid darts out in front of me, etc. - but because I had the flash and am going so slowly I miss being in an accident. Happens like that since i started driving. I am thankfull for the flashes and that I can see them in time. I also think most others could benefit in similar ways if they learn to see things most people miss. Now there are times when the accident comes to you. Like when I stayed home to be safe one day. A storm came up and blew the antenna off my house and through my windshield. ( uranus/mars/saturn/moon thing - Yod [kite] if I remember correctly) Sometimes the bear eats you


PS: When you argue for your limitations they are assuredly yours to keep.

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