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read cards 4 triples ( or any easy yes/no question )


This is how I know what triple will fall.. on what day ....in what game... sometimes. When my planets are horrid I have learned not to get too excited about my cards.

I will try to make it as simple as i can

I use tarot, because I like them.. My second biggest hit, however, was using regular playing cards. Get a new deck. Old decks with bent or dirty cards do not work. The ace of Diamonds for a regular deck, and Ace of Pentacles for a tarot deck are the "attainment" cards for this method.

Shuffle a deck and think of your question ( I ask '' if I played all triple numbers in the next game would I win ?" )

Find the ace of diamonds, stick it in the approximate middle of the deck. ( you can omit this step if you choose and just go with what you shuffled )

Slap the deck so it doesnt automatically book open where you put the ace.

Hold the deck in one hand, pull out a card one at a time with the other hand from the approximate center of the deck untill you have pulled out 10 cards. When I first started this method 30 years ago I shook up the cards in a bag and pulled out 10. that worked but it beat up my card edges too fast - using tarot that got expensive

If the 10th card out is the attainment, the answer to your question is 'yes'.No other placement in that pile of 10 cards indicates attainment.

You can only do the same question once per game.

If you get 'yes' for a triple that game, you can then ask about each number. Use the cards the same way to answer the question, just a different question..

IE: Will triple 000 fall today ? and so on, untill you do 0 - 9.

It is not always dependable, and will sometimes give you a triple for a neighboring state, or it will show up in the 4-way game. The over-zealous reader will fail.  Relax and be casual for the best read. It is not an advantage to read a question more than one time. My sister reads over an over untill she gets the answer she wants and that never works but we do get a chuckle about it.

I miss my fair share too, and am almost always off when mercury is retrograde... but when you play only a few times a year, and win money most of the time, you dont really mind loosing once in a while. If you practice,, you will also learn that on a day you recieve something - like the day I got an engagement ring - you will get the attainment card and think a triple will fall. Sometimes I get the attianment card on payday, as well. So be prudent untill you find out how to tell the difference with the cards. You will learn.

One more thing.. none of the above may work for you at all.......   

some get it .. some dont.

Good luck to you.   

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