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sites to see, name numerology example.


Some interesting sites:





A different numerology for names


This one is specifically for names in cash3 and cash4 games. Instructions say to use the first and last name, but it will give you numbers for just a first name too.

Letter Values
A=1, B=2, C=3, D=4, E=5, F=6, G=7, H=8, I=9, J=600,
K=10, L=20, M=30, N=40, O=50, P=60, Q=70, R=80, S=90,
T=100, U=200, V=700, X=300, Y=400, Z=500, HI=800, HU=900

There is no value for any letter not listed.


Add up all of the numbers given and you will have the person's individual number. ; discard the "thousands" number and look for the "hundreds" for pic 3 games.

Example Calculations:
Do you want to find the individual number for "Jean-Jacques Rousseau"?

J = 600; E = 5; A = 1; N = 40;
J = 600; A = 1; C = 3; Q = 70; U = 200; E = 5; S = 90;
R = 80; O = 50; U = 200; S = 90; S = 90; E = 5; A = 1; U = 200
Total : 2,331

The total is 2,331 for cash 4. For cash 3 you take away 2,000 and keep only 331

(I see there is no "w" in this method.)

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