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Nobody is listening


501 combo has been notorious for coming back lately.  It's been traveling from state to state and bringing 090 with it.


It fell 015 on August 16 in pa evening, the next day on the 17th 090 fell pa evening.  009 fell the same day 17th SC midday. 


Then 6 days later on August 23 it came back in SC as 510 and 090 fell on the same day pa midday. the next day on the 24th 090 fell in Chicago midday.


And if that wasn't enough 3 days later on the 27th it reared it's ugly head again in pa evening and sure enough folks the 090 fell SC evening the next day. 


How was it pulled into Chicago last night?  the 234 that fell in Chicago on September 8 was the clue.  The 234 combo was traveling with the 015 combo. When 015 fell on August 16th in pa the 234 fell the same night in NY. 423 fell august 24 followed 510 sc midday


015 had the nerve to show back up on August 29. 243 followed it August 31 in NY.


How do I see this so clearly?  I have a day minder weekly calendar that I keep records of the states I track.  I place them in the same spot on the pages.  So when I  look at pa, ny is right under it and so goes for the other states.


So I wasn't surprised when 257 fell in SC last night.  It fell august 23.  Right there in the mix.       


Pa people - if the 369 that fell in pa last night took you for a loop.  Look at the last time 243 fell in pa August 10th.  639 fell in NY the same night.  It's all about the patterns.  Otherwise they will roll you around and around. 


136 and 156 is doing the same thing, but that's another post.

I posted this September 10, 234 fell in Pa Sept 11.

Entry #2


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