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The law of the jungle


Last Edited: September 11, 2005, 11:05 pm

This is going to seem harsh to some of you blog readers.  You aren't going to like what I'm going to say, and I'll wager you've never considered it because it runs contrary to everything you've been taught to think.

War is a healthy phenomenon for any country not involved in the hostilities.

That's right.  If you aren't involved, war is good.  The nations involved are weakened, they squander their resources and their young men.  The countries not fighting can sell their products to the warring nations, raise the prices on their goods,  produce and enjoy amazing prosperity at the expense of the nations at war.

Consider this.  The Americas are shockingly wealthy in natural resources.  Have you ever asked yourselves why Canada and the US are the only two countries among them not among the 3rd world nations?

Those countries have been constantly at war with themselves from the beginning.  Incessant civil war has bankrupted them.

For half a century Japan hasn't needed to think about war.  Japan's defense has been in the hands of the US.  Coincidently, Japan's enjoyed an economy similar to West Germany, which also had national defense paid for by US taxpayers.

Conversely, the nations at war and cold war for the last half century were the USSR and the US.  What happened to the USSR is history.  But a look at the trillion dollar deficit of Americans suggests we didn't do too well, ourselves.

We've been taught to believe world stability is a positive ideal to strive for.  For nations disinclined to indulge in warfare, it certainly is true. 

The US is not helped by stability in the oil producing nations.  Those countries hate one another, and they'd be warring one another if the US and European powers would let them alone to do it.  They'd be competing to sell us oil so they could buy more weapons to kill one another.  Weapons we produce, paid for by oil they produce.


Let the Korean peninsula drown in the blood of Koreans if that's how they choose to handle their problems.  Let anyone who wishes invade Japan.  Let the Muslim countries scatter Muslim flesh all over Persia, Iraq, Syria, Arabia, Israel, if that's their wish.

Let's enjoy some peace and prosperity at their expense, for a change.


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