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Last Edited: March 24, 2010, 6:53 am

Good thing i thought about this 1 pound of Tea does not equal 1 pound of potatoe: This goes to the part of the government that taxes a farmer on plants food: I was drinking Saril but i was thinking about tea and i was wondering why tea is not sold like soda. I owe this idea to Nicolas Cage and the movie he made about someone kidnapped (you know when he gave the ticket)...The part of government that taxes/prices farmers on plants food: taxes/prices a tea farmer the same way he taxes an orange or a potatoe farmer and IS WRONG..Technically they should tax a farmer based on how plantable is the product/plant and how often a year it can be reaped and the size of the product compare to the plant and how many products are collected from a plant....Dude they tax oranges as if oranges were the same as tea or saril or something else and is wrong...If 1 trea of oranges produces 24 oranges but a trea of potatoe produces 5 potatoes you CANT WEIGH the products and go by the pound...I hope you do it the way i say...If it takes 2 months to grow and reap a tree of oranges with 24 oranges in that treat and it takes 5 months to reap the potatoe and you get 5 you CAN NOT WEIGHT THEM by the pound and have the same amount of price or taxes on them...Just so you know....

TRIGONOMETRY: THE UNIT CIRCLE ON A SPHERE: You know the unit circle is normally on a  2 dimensional 2 figure but what if the unit circle in trigonometry is used on a sphere a 3 dimensional sphere...

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