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Prosperity exercize


I have three favorite quotes:

1. Argue for your limitations and they are yours to keep.

2. Do what you did and you will get what you got.

3. Don’t complain, don’t explain.


Ignoring the 3rd one I am here giving an opinion on drawing prosperity to you. What helps one helps all.  Frankly it is  for myself as an affirmation and to return to what I hold true.  ( see there? I have to forgive me already)

  Prosperity is more than just financial freedom. Prosperity includes good health, peace of mind, love, and spiritual development. To enjoy all the prosperity the universe has for you endeavor to be free of the negativity that blocks the power we have to draw to us the richness of life.


Your mind attracts what it dwells on. Make the effort to be positive to attract the positive.

Mentally you are like a bank and enough positive thought must be deposited to balance all the negative thoughts in your mental ledger that you have gathered over a lifetime. Generally, it takes 30 days or more to see the fruits of this effort. Small steps at first are the usual way it goes. 

To use this page you sit comfortably, few deep breaths to relax, and read it thinking about each statement. At the end of it relax, breathe, imagine the white light shining down on you cleansing and revitalizing you. Once a day for 30 days if you want to give it a good chance to work.  It is based teachings of Iron John concerning prosperity. Like everything else I say it may work for you or I might be full of doodoo. Basically, it is to help fears be recognized and eliminated. If I have done my job correctly my little paper will raise your vibration as well. Fear blocks your success and limits your openness to new ideas and prosperity.






FEAR OF LOSS OF LOVE This barrier is at the center of the cause of jealousy. Justified or not jealousy is a real killer of opportunity. Overcoming jealousy begins with love of self. Make it unconditional. Forgive yourself the transgressions of the past. Learn to forgive others as well. You as well as others are doing the best they can at the time with what they have to work with. No one persons physical, mental, emotional development is the same as anothers.



FEAR OF POVERTY Change your thought from “I can’t” to “I can and it is coming to me now” Any statement or thought that does not promote your success should not be spoken. The thought should be eliminated and replaced with a positive one. Old habits die hard. Practice and be viligent.


FEAR OF CRITISIZM. Resentment of criticism and the reaction to it will tie you to it. To clear this barrier recognize that you can accept constructive criticism for its worth and reject criticism that is meant to affect you negatively as having no value. Give rejected ideas no emotion or further thought. They are good, or not good. Simple.


FEAR OF ILL HEALTH People attract to them what they think and talk about. People with poor health dwell on that thought and it will serve to draw the illnesses to them. Instead think of healthful exuberance, joy of good health and happiness. I notice when I keep on repeat6ing " I am SICK of this " long enough and with emotion I do get sick.  Since I stopped that attitude I rarely do get colds, allergies or a flu in the last 10 years. There is more to illness than that, of course, but mentally draw improvement rather than more of the same.


FEAR OF OLD AGE We trade youth for experience. Most people reach success after the age of 50. Recognize and accept that successful thoughts will bring prosperity at any age. Dismiss doubt and remarks like “I never win” and “just my luck” Live with the expectation of success for yourself and everyone. Dismiss the idea that only others can have that success.


FEAR OF DEATH Master this fear, the most difficult of all. Free your mind from this fear by concentrating on the joy of living a life of prosperity and love. Know that your success is just on the other side of this barrier. Leave the riddles of death to those who enjoy creating riddles and know that death is just another level of reality.


You have an unlimited power that can bring to you the riches of the universe so begin with the next greatest good.   

What ever inhibited you in the past from your right to prosperity will wash away with your decree that no one thing, person, or event can keep your maturity, wisdom, health, love and financial success from you.

Personal integrity and high self ideals allow you to accept and handle your assets, blessings, harmony in every relationship and financial abundance.


Begin receiving your universal richness in love and abundance with the dissolution of fears.

Claim your prosperity and let go of worn out things, ideas, relationships and beliefs. Replace your fears with loving expectation of universal gifts that are yours to choose.

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