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Some Ideas & Some thoughts...


Last Edited: March 26, 2010, 5:50 pm

Blacks or Minorities Finance Advisors & Psychologist: Sorry but i have never known the difference of what is the Low Class and the Middle Class...But i THINK that a lot of Blacks and Minorities dont form part of the Middle Class...This is why i feel that there should be a: Blacks or Minorities Finance Advisors & Psychologist.....To Keep them in the middle class and not make them go lower...

Got this idea from this:


A House Doors Dimensions: Too Small: I thought about this years ago but the show: Family Guy reminded me of it...The doors of a typical home is too narrow, they all have the door too narrow, like when you buy a coauch or refrigerator or an armour, it doesnt fit...All homes IN THE ENTIRE WORLD HAVE THE SAME DOORS DIMENSIONS....Tell me WHO dictates how your home should be built...

A washer: Need to change: Someone ought to change the typical clothe washer like how it wash...It doesnt washes good...I said it before someone has to wash with soap and then wash it a second time without soap...Not just that to vertical pole or whatever you call it that has on it doesnt washes good...How about 2 soft brushes rubbing against each other in the water, that will be a better idea...1 brush going down first and then up and another brush going up first and then down then the separate vertically for a couple of seconds and then unite again and begin brushing up and down but it has to be a soft metal brush...A washer doesnt wash clothes really good...I dont know you get the idea...

or 2 vertical/horizontal fans with brushes on each arm inside the washer and spinning in one direction and the bottom fan spinning the opposite direction....

Or 2 big brushes one on the top the other at the bottom inside a washer and spinning the opposite direction each one and coming together (uniting) and then separating and pressing against each other every so many seconds....You know the hairs of a toothbrush you can use those hairs for the brush for the washer that i am telling you about...

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