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The word: Key in Key Numbers: A Blog just for this...


Last Edited: March 27, 2010, 8:50 pm

 You know the word: Key in Key numbers...to try and mean something that is main, central, important, basic...The word key has many synonyms and key is one of the least likely a person will use unless you was WELL SOPHISTICATED....Not many people in the ENTIRE USA use the word: KEY to reffer to something basic...Tell me something when you are speaking do you say the: key issue or the MAIN ISSUE...The point is that few people in the population use the word: key is a small minority...And the ODDS that the person that NAMED key numbers used the word: KEY...That´s a bunch of bologny....You will know if you like to look up words in the dictionary...

Not just that is well named for numbers not for something else, which tells me that they went through a LENGHTY PROCESS to name the phrase: key numbers and applied it to numbers...

What does this tells me...That whoever name the numbers: as Key numbers did so thinking about house keys or car keys...And if house keys would had been named something else, like house pen, lottery numbers will had been named: pen numbers and NOBODY will had known why....It was named so as a way to TEST people and find out whoever won the lottery or other lottery players to test them and find out if they are hiding something in their houses or car or maybe as a test for encryption keys, you know the governments and other institutions have bigger money stashed more than the lottery gives as a jackpot ...Or it could tell me that there is a way how to win the lottery with some key numbers some kind of specialized, ingeneered way of winning the lottery using key numbers...

not just that words that start with: K are rarely used in the ENGLISH LANGUAGE...the K section of the dictionary only has a few words compared to the rest of the dictionary....

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