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To Card/Poker Players who Plan to: Break Las Vegas...


This is for: Card/Poker Players who Plan to: Break Las Vegas or get a piece of the pie...

I dont know how much the Las Vegas Gambling Industry generates per year, i will say like: 100 billion or less...Do you KNOW WHAT THAT DOES...It makes the Las Vegas a: Cartel...Do you know what Cartels do????They can do MAGIC...

I dont play cards but i thought YOU SHOULD KNOW...Dont go out there like a pig infront of WOLVES...I saw the movie: 21 and the movie Oceans 11 and 12...I NOTICED, that they will gather in nearby hotels in las Vegas...Dude WHAT makes you, THINK they cant put chips the size of bottle caps or smaller in EVERY ROOM in the hotels of las Vegas Hotels or have in a secret area people looking at you through the TV...Again they can do magic...Dont forget that...

Casinos combined i think they make more than the lottery but i dont know...Whether is a medium size Cartel or a Ful size Cartel...Dude you are talking about a cartel that cares if they are: 2 pennies short...Is as if we were talking about stealing cows...I dont want to say more because who knows what could happened to me.....But i just thought you should know....

Entry #801


four4meComment by four4me - April 1, 2010, 11:21 pm
I hope you know that the movie 21 and the movie Oceans 11 and 12 are fiction not real. People win and lose large sums of money in casino's all over the world every day.

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