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Want to Hear Something Funny that is True...Only in this Universe...



You knowPowerball want to know something??? I want you to take a sweater or a towel orsomething and wrap up your head particularly your eyes, cover them as if to beblind…Then i want you to take a piece of paper and a pen and i want you towrite:

1, then 2,then 3, then 4, then 5….Guess WHAT???? You just WON POWERBALL with the BONUSBALL INCLUDED…Not just that not only did you just win Powerball but how manyjackpots does Powerball have in 1 year??? 96 well you just won: 48 ofthem…Hillarious, Hilarious…Is like Magic…What does that mean??? I think it saysthat we all are precious because if everyone knew how to do it we all will beprecious, every citizen of this PLANET…Is got to be hillarious because issaying that everytime you get up from bed and put on your pants/trousers ONELEG AT A TIME…You are a Powerball winner…Is saying that is as easy as going toa store and buying a pair of tennis shoes…A pair of tennis shoes to put on overthe 1 leg  over the other…Got to bekidding me….

Youprobably heard the term: ONLY IN AMERICA…guess what i am not laughing becauseONLY IN THIS UNIVERSE does the <snip> that occur occurs…Tell me WHEN have youheard of a universe that there is a black hole or a ball of fire turns into awalking hole that destroys the universe…When have you heard that <snip>…..Only inthis universe…When in a universe do you hear of a HUGE MASS OF BALL spinningaround and moving in MID AIR….ONLY IN THIS UNIVERSE…In what universe do youhear that something solid and strong like a rock can be conversted into a  hot liquid called lava…Only in thisuniverse….WHEN have you heard that liquid lava or iron lava makes a planetrotate a huge solid mass of rock….Only in this universe…..In what universe doyou hear someone dreamed a number that his DEAD MOTHER came to him in his dreamand GAVE HIM THE WINNING NUMBERS something that is random and what´s worse thecountless hours occuring in this planet and he decides to bet:   $700 what the (dont know if is true)….ONLY INTHIS UNIVERSE….Sorry but many times i think this is all a JOKE…THIS WHOLEUNIVERSE IS A GIGIANT HILLARIOUS JOKE….You know what the word: Hillarious meansspelll out: HILLA OR HILA-----RIO----US….What is hila in spanish is hilo butwith the she pronoun/noun…So it will read as: HIL—RIO—US or WE ARE RIVERS OFTHREAD….OR OUR RIVER OF THREAD…Only on this planet do people see the futurebefore it happens in their dreams…WHAT KIND OF RETARDED JOKE IS THAT…Only inthis planet a LIQUID hace seres vivientes….Dude i dont know if you follow theshow Stargate Atlantis….But what i just told you is like saying that you can goto the Artic and find a STARGATE a GATE that will connect you to another worldin the UNIVERSE…Which i am telling you from now the DAY that ever happen SERAEL COLMO…Dude i bet you tell an elderly in a nursing home the story ofPowerball and putting your pants one leg at a time and she/he gets a heartattack….Only on this planet a polar bear can know from 4 miles away what´s burriedunderneath the ground without seeing it….ONLY IN THIS UNIVERSE…LOL…Only in thisuniverse can a mosquito kill a horse an animal like 5,000 times its size….Is asif Magic was present in this universe…Only in this planet el que manda es elmas pequeño….Only in this universe do you hear of a planet  that have shields that you CANT SEE….Dudemagic is present in this universe you may not see it….

Dude ifAlexander the Great was to hear that <snip> in his day he might had killedhimself or something….But guess what??? Even though winning Powerball is aseasy as putting your pants after you get up from bed one leg at a time….Pick3and a little Pick4 but Pick3 is harder than that….Believe it or not…Only inthis universe does the universe looks darn black couldnt pick any othercolor…DUDE FREAGING BLACK, nothing wrong with the color black just that is acreepy color…Only in this universe can someone from China mount computerhacking attacks to the rest of the world from a remote computer   in Paraguay…Only in this universe do cartoonsexist…ONLY IN THIS UNIVERSE….Only in this universe do certain animals are COLDBLOODED…When have you heard that in the history of histories….Only in thisuniverse does something solid like the ground give birth to living things andthe ground is alive as though the solid (soil) was a living creature….ONLY INTHIS UNIVERSE….Only in this universe does a woman´s hair reaches her butt (itsattractive to us but to the rest of the alien confederation it could be one ofthe weirdest things)…. Only in this Universe do creatures fly that´s theweirdest of all of them…Only in this universe do Planets have rings you knowrings in a planet are like wings….ONLY IN THIS UNIVERSE….Only in this universeit rains water….ONLY IN THIS UNIVERSE…Only in this universe through math canyou know what´s on the other side of a wall…ONLY IN THIS UNIVERSE…Only in thisuniverse do the wings flapping of a mosquito in China affect tornadoes occuringin Kansas…ONLY IN THIS UNIVERSE…Only in this universe can an atom be in 2places at the same time (this one could pass)…..Even the ocean which is asystem doesn’t works that way….Only in this universe can a bat fly totallyblind and not nocked himself out…ONLY IN THIS UNIVERSE…Only in this universecan LAURA SIMPSON LOOK THE WAY SHE DOES…Only in this Universe and her name isLaura Simpson which sounds as: Rula simpathize with son…Only in this universe…Onlyin this universe does a woman´s moan can wake up the dead…ONLY IN THISUNIVERSE….Only in this universe in a Pick80/0-30 permutation game does thenumber:  1 duplicated 80 times does play,it might be 1 in 700 million years but it does play and this is without the RNGhaving memory of its previous numbers spitted out….ONLY IN THIS UNIVERSE….Onlyin this universe do PLANTS have complex mathematical geometrical designs…Onlyin this UNIVERSE…Only in this universe does the water that gave birth to allhumans looks transparent like a mirror…Only in this universe…ONLY IN THISUNIVERSE can an ANT cross the pacific from one continent to the next…WorseBACTERIA WHICH DOESN’T GOT NO FOOT can cross the pacific…ONLY IN THISUNIVERSE….Only in this universe can tons of bacteria fall in the water andwater will not sip through its walls…ONLY IN THIS UNIVERSE…That´s like goingthrough a black hole and nothing happening to you…ONLY IN THIS UNIVERSE DOESTHIS STUFF OCCUR…Only in this universe can you go to a library like the libraryof congress think of 1 word after you finish watching the movies at the movieteather a think of a word that is rare  go to a bookstore open up a book at random point the finger at a randomlocation and pick 1 word and it coincide with that word….Only in this universand it will not surprise me but only in this universe can there be a:Pick700/25,000 and each individual of this planet playing with 1 number quickpick AND ACTUALLY MATCHING IT….ONLY ON THIS UNIVERSE DO THAT STUFFOCCUR….HILLARIOUS, HILLARIOUS STUFF….Only on this universe the first thing thatrule this planet  which is giving life isrule por un mechanismo one artefact call penis and the FIRST number of ournumber system which is 1 looks like a penis…And the sexual organ of a man and awoman looks like the number 10 or number 100 and our numeric system is based onbase 10, numeric system the basis of math without numbers there will be nomath…ONLY IN THIS UNIVERSE ODDNESS/ABERRATIONS/ANOMALIES LIKE THAT HAPPENS….Onlyin this universe can someone play 1 dollar for a Pick700/25,000 that plays everydayand play that 1 combination every single day for 50 years the same combinationand the day they miss playing is the day it plays…LOL…ONLY IN THIS UNIVERSE YOUHEAR THAT KIND OF STUFF….

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