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Some Thoughts: Replacing the School Pen for School Students/Writing Notebook/Digital Chalkboard


Last Edited: April 6, 2010, 4:39 am

What if t here was a speciall pen that use batteries...What if there was like an apparatus where when you go to class you turn it on (it uses batteries) and translate the voice of your teacher into digital words that you then use and stamp in in your pages notebook or what if there was an application that replace the pages notebook...Like you go to school turn it on it listens to the professor talking and it begins to translate the words is recording into digital words and you study from it and read from it and it separates each class...That way when you are setting it so that it records the professor you can also listen to the professor yourself and retain double the information....And it uses batteries....specially if all you have to do is write and not draw...Or something that takes a picture of the chalkboard when the professor is drawing...

Or what if school chairs each one had a computer screen and the computer screen is writing what the professor is talking (it can hear the professor) and it has a plastic pen that allows you to draw and when you are down you take out the chip and you insert the chip in your digital size notebook...When i say notebook i am not talking about a laptop i am talking about something that looks like the pen writing notebook that but is digital...that way you dont have to write only draw and you can absorbed/retain double in school...You are maximizing learning...

Or what if the Chalkboard is sort of digital with a digital chalk and each chair in the class room has a computer screen where everything that is written in the chalkboard by the professor gets recorded and fed to each student chair flat computer monitor and when a student finishes he pulls off the usb drive or chip and plugs it in his flat screen notebook that serves as a writing notebook....this way you learn better/more because you dont have to focus in writing what the teacher/professor says just in listening mentally and you can go over it at home....

Or how about a digital chalkboard where the teacher/professor writes and it gets recorded and the digital chalkboard feeds to a device where everyone who comes in the classroom plugs in their USB or chip and whatever the professor writes in the digital chalkboard gets fed into the device and into everyone´s chip/usb disk and when class finishes everyone unplug their chip and plug it onto their writing digital small notebook...Dont have to write anything even drawings are recorded...what´s not recorded is the professor´s voice but if you want you can make the aparatus where every USB/Chip is plugged in let that aparatus record what the professor says translate it into text and feed it to all 50 students USB/CHIP...When class finishes everone unplugs their USB drive/Chip and plug it into their writing digital notebook....

I partly owe this idea to the mayor of a city in arizona who is though on illegal immigration, to the reporter ivan watson and to me...lol...

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