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Stuff that happened to me on this Weekend...


Last Edited: April 6, 2010, 9:43 am

WAs on the computer and the computer got disconnected friday or saturday....I went to sleep when i got up the computer wasnt working...So i waited until monday and they told me that the internet was fine it was the router that we had problems with....

Here is what i wrote for the weekend and what happened:


I GOT THE MOST BEAUTIFUL AND HOTTEST BLONDE, IN MY COMPUTER I don’t thinkshe is the most beautiful blonde in the USA but she is very unique, very rare…Howit got on my computer I don’t know, she is a gem…I have a very rare beautifulblonde in my computer but exceptionally beautiful   & hotter at the same time I didn’t but nowI have it…I´ve seen so many blondes and I have not seeing anything like this…AgainI don’t know how it got to my computer…I also have another picture that I don’tknow how it got on my computer and it has this beautiful trees with yellowleafs on it and is a rare yellow one that has like honey on it which is a rare yellow…And there are different tones of yellow skin but hers is so likeunique…No offense but I am looking at her body and blondes are such a smallminority that for her to have that particular body and be blonde is not commonit defies the odds…And for 1 blonde to present all this characteristics…I amlooking at her  phrenology cranium andshe has a very rare cranium formations rare individuals in the world presentthis cranium phrenology formation….Is as she was painted…And for her to beblonde…it cant happen more years on this earth have pass by for a naturaloccurrence like that to occur….Again I don’t know how the picture got to mycomputer….Her skin has a shine which is very weird…And her hair is short andfits per perfectly which is rare…Not just that she appears ing one of herlegs the way captain morgan (the liquor) does and when you make all women dothat: 95% of women in the world have a siluohete that is common but rarely like1 in 700,000 women display a unique silohuete and the blonde in the picture Igot does…her boobs are the right size which is rare also in a woman and for her to be blonde….Dude Idon’t know where they got this picture from….she is just missing the cranium ofanother blonde I got next to her on my computer whose phrenology cranium iseven rarer so she is just missing that cranium just missing 2 milimiters of herboobs less, grey eyes and just 1 morething to make her the most rarest blonde ever....Her hair type coloring is notcommon but is not rare… Her arm triceps are better than normal…How these 2 pictures got on my computer i dont know...

On Another note:

Talkingabout another note:  You know everywhereI go I see little godzillas…Everywhere I go…I turn on the tv and I see greatacts of terrorrism…I mean terribles…I even hear the greatest jokes said on tv,jokes that minimize a person…I hear pelting from one side to the next even as Iflip the channel randomly and they seem to know at which channel I am going tochange it to at which second…I hear a tune as if the tv was a piano…Except thatinstead of hearing fa, fe, fi, fo you hear letters yes that´s right LETTERSthat make up words….I hear on tv acts that can bring down the USA economy andthis whole world too economically that is…I also see people BURN 200 milliondollars on tv just to prove a point….

On Another Note:

You knowwhat I also see, remember john leguizamo in that movie, Land of the Death orsomething like that about zombies…Well I created a system to win: Win For Life by just guessing heads or tails 8 or 9 times, you can apply it to Powerball also and if Win for life adds 20 more numbers to the matrix it just means heads or tails 10 or 11 times …And you know there are people sick…Mentally sick like that movie, peoplethat want to take over Powerball right in Costa Rica, Honduras & Panama…Something THAT IS NOT THEIRS…Powerball has NEVER been theirs is nottheirs and WILL NEVER be theirs….The stuff you got to deal with…People who wantto apoderarse of Powerball so they can create a: Movie 9th Gate orEyes Wide Shut people who will not surprise me if they dump their fetus in theocean just for the pleasure of sex or who will hire their own privateclandestine abortion clinic and commit the act, not 1 or 2 times…5,000 times…Womenwho if they get their ways with Powerball in a ranking from 1 to 1 million inmales gifted by God and 1 million been someone that looks like a god with the7,000 abyss of human features rankingthey will get themselves  300 guys ranking: 998,995th andbang themselves to death AND KILL LITERALLY KILLED the REST OF HUMAN KIND likethe German Holocaust…Why you think that picture of that blonde suddenlyappeared in my computer…Dude and we are not even talking about a billion or 5bilion dollar lotto…Women who will watch a bodybuilder have sex with a 13 yearold over and over for the excitement…Dude I will tell and and I will tell youagain…Germany with Hittler went to war and wanted to conquer the world becausethey wanted a: Eyes Wide Shut society and jewish were on the way….CONQUER THEDARN WORLD….It happened and it will continue to happen 10,000 years from now, 3million years from now and 100 million years from now, just happens that in Germany case Jews were on the way…1 society of country isgoing to conquer/colonize/take slave the rest of the world…And if cocaine makesyou super horny cocaine is coming along side with it along with heroine….Dudeyou know what is SO SO LETHAL IN THIS PLANET???That if heroine didn’t make youskinny or killed you 99.9% of the world will had been sexual slaves, kids andall…Dude I don’t care how painted you want to come you don’t look differentthan the alien creature in the movie: ALIEN…People who you could tell themthere is a system that can win Powerball with 8 tickets and they still wantmore, they still want a system that can win Powerball with 7 then 6 then 3 then2 then 1….Dude that´s Powerball imagine now sex, the same thing will happen tosex, soon a 39 year old is not enough then is a 20 year old then a 16 year oldthen a 13 year old…Then is not 1 thirteen year old but is 6 thirteen year oldat the same time…I sometimes think why the F…. I live in this planet for…If Ilist the LIBRARY of stuff that occur to humans and NOW THIS…And sorry to saythis but did you know WHY caucasian people evolved assuming that blacks wascave man…They say that in Darwinian evolutions creatures evolve to be morehealthy creatures to look SUPERDESIRABLE SEXUALLY and have good genes and thisway have higher chances of survival...That´s why I think that caucasian peopleevolved from black people it wasn’t because of the weather…Dude it will notsurprise me, caveman was having too much sex, sex is the only thing he did andeat…tell me you live in a cave there is no tv no entertainment there is NOTHINGWHAT WILL YOU DO…In modern times you will work out but if you live in a hostileenvironment or jungle the only thing there is to do is have sex…Caveman washaving too much sex that´s all he did and eat…Could you imagine what a blondelike Laura Simpson will had looked to a JET BLACK CAVEMAN…Like AN ELEPHANT SIZEPIG and the moaning that wakes up the dead….Luckily they didn’t have group sex…Couldyou imagine if they had shorts for women back then…Pobre mujer y hombre…Couldyou imagine if they had alcohol drinks back then in cave man´s time…Or if foodtasted sweet…Dud you have to believe me…You are 90% a lucky son of a bitch, 3%monkey/animal, 3% donkey, and 3% human the other 1% I don’t know what you are…Youknow in my computer I have a picture of a women named: Brolics…Do you know whata women like that would had looked to a: Jet black cave man/men and all theydid was have sex do you know what she would had looked like…Probably rule the Kingdom….And if she was blonde and the sun staring right at you and fire…ifshe had black hair they will had called her: La Diosa de la Noche or the or laDiosa de la Luna un ser de Otro planet they will had think that a caucasianwomen came from the moon planet…Or if they look at the moon they will thinkthat the moon was a tunnel to reach a different place…They will think that welive in some kind of tunnel and that every now and then they close the lid onthe tunnel some kind of Powerful god..…Also do you THINK cave man will hadknown what fat was they didn’t have microscope they will had thought thatfatness was some kind of curse on you that held you back or some kind of godholding you back…And they see the lions in Africa and look at a blonde…Gofigure…And everytime one of those jet black cave man had sex with a blonde hewill think that the sun god is giving him powers or  he is winning the grace and mercifulness ofthe lion sun king/quen ruler of the day…Is possible they will had inventedgroup sex because is the sun queen calling the shots and it could imagine whatwill had happened when she got horny, I mean really horny and 1 guy didn’tsatisfied her completely….well not group sex but a line that´s more like it aline forming line to have sex with the sun queen….And is possible that theremight had been a migration from the Sun king/queens and is possible the weathermight had helped…This will explain why Europeans look whiter why middleeasterns look tan however India  shouldhad been whiter also…I heard that China & India are very mountainous areasso it will had been colder despite that they live in in the hotterhemisphere….The eyes of Asians was something genetic some kind of geneticmutation…and this will explain why some asians are tan and others yellowskin…HOWEVER, it will mean that: India or parts of India was either thesubcontinent that went from  Africa towhere it is now or that certain black people themselves migrated to India itwill also mean that Indians from the mountainous areas should look lighter…Itwill also mean that Russia & Scandinavians should have LOTS OF BLONDES….Irepeat the asian eyes have to have been some kind of genetic mutation somethingthey ate or something or a particular diet….

Also i was looking at: Pictures of Forrest in Snow (Snow Forrests) in google nobody knows how to take good pictures not a single awesome picture did i see....Like Empty leafless trees in the snow...Not a single picture....They are all worth crap...

And just so you kow about it...There are people who knew about it i can recall that for about 8 months they knew about it....

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