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Countries of the World: Please have Sympathy on our Neighboors of the Northern Hemisphere...


Last Edited: April 9, 2010, 5:27 pm

Countries of the world, please have sympathy on our neighboors of the Northern Hemisphere, you see the cold is enough to bring the worse in people...Listen, Satan or evil is like a gigiant serpent hovering around the entire world and with the cold it just makes any bomb go off like a mine field...Cold is something that will bring the worse in people is like hell plus look at the cascaron they are wearing with such a cascaron you are operating on a higher frequency but the cold holds you, it refrains you (and think about weight and how hard it is to take it off), and the cold at the same time it feeds high frequency of evil to you more than the hotter hemisphere, while people in the hotter hemisphere are free, shackle free...Also the cold makes a woman take longer to have an orgasm something i totally missed, making them have more sexual thirst...And dont forget that women have less muscle mass than men causing them to take even longer to have orgasms and causing them to really be Satan fed super high frequency of evil but at the same time super shackled....Imagine now when they get elderly...What you think is going to happen....

The cold also makes someone GAMBLE MORE...YOu see people in the hotter hemisphere gamble more but because is sunny they will not missed it that much but if the economy is not optimal in a country with cold climate you bet people are going to bet/gamble more....They will have a compulsion to gamble more....And there ought to be a: Pick3 Stock Market for the elderlies in the northern hemisphere, a Pick3 Stock Market that is: Pick3/0-7...Exclusively for the elderly of the northern hemisphere....

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