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pick 3 odds


I have copied the last 1,000 draws for the Washington state pick three (3) daily game and if my copying and math is correct, I have drawn the following conclusions


In the last 1,000 pick three (3) draws for Washington State there were 368 combinations of numbers which were not drawn

Like  000, 002,  004,    010 and so on


There was 373 combinations of  numbers which were drawn only one time

Like  001,  005,    007,    010 and so on

There were 173 combinations of numbers which were drawn 2 times

Like   006,  021, 029 and so on


And 65 combinations numbers which were drawn 3 times

Like  018,  067,  093 and so on


And 17 combinations of numbers which were drawn 4 times

Like  106,  252,  341 and so on


And 3 combinations of numbers which were drawn 5 times

288,  551, and 626


And 1 combination of numbers which were drawn 6 times  224


Which means to me that if my favorite number is 224 and I played it for all one thousand draws, it would have cost me $1,000 and I would have won 6 times for a profit of $2,000,

How-ever if my favorite number is 000 it would have cost me $1,000 with no return, for it was never selected in those 1,000 draws.


All this to say thirty six (36) percent of the numbers in the last 1,000 draws were not selected.

So if I were betting that a number had not been drawn for (lets say) a thousand draws, I might think it is due soon and start betting it, there is a probability it will not be drawn even in 3,000 draws

I am not sure what this means to me for my betting selections.

Should I not bet or should I bet multiples of number combinations.

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TenajComment by Tenaj - September 15, 2005, 7:45 pm
Try this. Get out a sheet of paper and do a calendar format. Record the pick 3 draws in Washington for the last past week. That will be September 8. Place the draws in the same order on each day.

Go back to last Thursday's September 8 and record the pick 3s that fell both mid day and evening from 5 different states or the other states that you like. Do it all the way up until today. But make sure that on each date you can see all states draws for that day and they are placed the same. Your eyes can see a pattern better.

pa = xxx
ny = xxx

If there is a pattern you will see it. Look at your Washington Draws and see if any of those numbers fell in other states. If a Washington draw fell in another state on another day, you can pull a hit from that day.

Look at all the numbers and see if you see if there is a number traveling from state to state and if it didn't fall in Washington - play it and notice what's with it on that day because it probably will follow.

If a number falls in Washington and if you notice that it fell in another state, that day will probably have a hit on it as well.

If you see a number more than once follow it and see if you see another number that came with it each time. That number is probably a hit.

Please try this and go to my blog for the Lottery Bible method.

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