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If you Cracked the lottery with a system: It doesnt Necessarily Means YOu Won: in Theory


Last Edited: April 13, 2010, 9:44 am

                                           Why because the Lottery, Randomness can be used for so many things...It can be used for pinpointing someone´s location, anywhere in the world or country or region....It can be used to RAKE TONS of money from the STOCK MARKET possibly forex, track cell phone calls sentences can be compressed and made into 1 computer bit, weather, etc, etc, etc AND ETC...Organizations could not allow that...Even though they can have supercomputer they could not allow that...

Not just that i think countries want for the winner to be randomly picked than someone who has a system...Why...Because someone who has a system if he wins becomes rich/superrich what is he going to do next??? By a mansion, expensive cars, plane and yes a supercomputer and if he/she buys a supercomputer he/she has the potential to bring down the lottery, crack it, or the stock market (if is possible) and the stock market influences the economy, governments could not allow that to happened....It dont necesarily means it will happen but you have the: POTENTIAL...And is you against countries and countries are above cartels...

And dont forget that in many countries the lottery is the only thing there is...Not just that, in many countries someone who wins the lotto, millions and millions tends to ascend to a rich family and potentially become a ruling family of that country that runs for presidents of that country or heads of state...See the connection now...It canot be just anyone...

People who have LOTS OF MONEY and they run for politics several times tend to win....He who has more money in a country and is running for politics tends to win not all the time...So it can not be just anyone...

So they will tilt more for people who chooses quick picks...Again in Theory...

Imagine now with a: 1 or 2 Billion dollars Global Lotto....

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