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Lotterygate NJ final chapter


Last Edited: April 16, 2010, 7:05 pm

Our AWOL 2006   5 million "dollah"  "winnah" scratch was cashed in by Woodbridge Township and a few others in cops pockets.  $13,500 later in legal fees, 4 lawyers leaning to police conversations,  a meeting with the Deputy Attorney General NJ representing the NJ Lottery commission 2009,  a daily log of conversations, clues, and events, a confiscated photo of me at the counter paying for lotteries, our pockets and our bank account is still at a minus.   I purchased the scratch at a QuickChek store.  I thought it was tossed accidently.  The garbage men did not find anything, the sanitation department manager and the public works director, the town clerk, the district senators both state and federal knew nothing, neither did my counciilman, neighbors or my son, the police refused to take a report on a missing ticket until I could say for certain our home had been entered.   QuickChek kept silent. Hey, I had a previously installed alarm in place.  However, I did not know then or when our home was arsoned several months later, the bell sounded, it was not going into the central site and the cops could have it turned off for entry.   We were being stalked and we did not know it.   The NJ security person said if we could say it was a theft in house he would pay us on a theft.  I did not know our alarm was amiss.   That is how our home was entered several months later and burned with detonator, wire and solvent. And, there was no chance find  by passerbys of a ticket. 

I went to NJL. Yes, there was such a similar ticket purchased same day at QuickChek, claimed a mile from our home in a local drugstore not selling that particular game, and validated in Trenton by NJL.   There were scratched out signatures and a final one on top.  Did not stop it.  I asked for an audit as last ticket on roll or pack.  Match.  Head of Security reversed it.  No winner, no claim.  Too bad, but it was still paid out and rushed through the NJ Treasury lottery computer as a winner with no social security numbers and no names.   Save it for  my County as claimed winners.  Who cares about 2 women on SS.   Lottery retail agents wondered what happened to that listed  winning ticket.  It disappeared just as quickly as they saw it go in.    Even my ex beau whom I had not seen in to years was put on the ticket.  Sold his soul against me.    Unverified, my offspring got involved.  Everyone wanted a quick fix for ready free money.    Everyone.

I started asking for records through Open Public Records Act NJ for a winner's list.   I know I was being shut out because of the importance of the players.   I sought records August 23, 2006.  Was asked to wait Sept 1 until Sept 8 for list.  Got letter:  one winner 2005, another July 2006, and conveniently on Sept 2, 2006 a third winner was proclaimed in Essex.  Hey, what about our ticket!  I can tell you what the winning symbol looked like.  There supposedly were the  3 winners to the 8,100,000 tickets printed.  Another one, hidden figures.

OPRA kept falsifying documents to keep me away from ticket.  How can one claim something if the NJL said no winner, no more tickets, sorry.

October 2006, I called  a lottery aide dolling out checks.  She sensed it was ourticket, saw something amiss,  They changed our ticket batch, all five million dollars in account and a tax ID number.  I learned of names I suspected,  Said she was stopping the checks and would send me the residual.  Could not let this get out.  It was not what I would have won on a structured settlement.  Let it grow.  The check in my name was sent certified.  Never reached me.   Interepted, signed for certified.  Stolen. Was given to the same ex beau on ticket to lie about us to cash and give some back.  Supposedly, he put some money in an account in my name somewhere to make it seem as I got money from somewhere.  It was removed and police got it.  It is all covered up now.  Company  is mum and will not give me the tracking number from that ghost site.  Can't prove it.  Some area people said thought I got money. NJL mum.  Was over a million dollars, well over a million.

I filed a complaint November with the Attorney General's office who sent the file down to the DA.  They found no crime. It was an open secret.  Relection times and other political aspirations.   December 27, 2006, our home was victim to a very suspicious fire.  We lost money, valuables, a pricless coin collect sis had not insured as she did not know value.  False report.  Someone wanted to silence me.  I tried to sue NJ for wrongful payout; everything was burned or stolen.  I finally met with NJ in 2009 in Trenton under a claim the Government Records Council denied me accurate records from NJL, but all my original correspondences were ashes or removed from our house.  The lawyer we hired never had hold of the meeting.  Both sides went around in circles, and still denial of a fourth winning ticket.  Defeated.  I was told I did not prove claim but it was only for denial of documents not an arbitration.

The DAG had seen our ticket sitting in the lottery computer and the other payout fraud.  He wondered if he had to give us our ticket.  Everyone signed affidavits of convenience for no knowledge of anything even the police.  That check to me was downplayed later when I called Security again.  Put all the NJ ducks in a row.   I learned in Jan 2010 from the street and from a lottery agent, NJ quietly had just paid out the original ticket of ours which they said did not exist to the same man who had in fraud cashed my NJL million plus check Oct 2006.   It was easier to cover the crime than to put it out in the open.  The police here, as said, signed no knowledge.  They had the ticket number, and gave it to the ex boyfried so he could claim this ticket.  They had to teach me a lesson for going up against the local government. 

I never saw the "winnah" standing beside me in the store as I paid my good money.  Sis never saw the "winah" in her room as she was rubbing out her ticket.  One NJL security employee said they knew it was my (her)  ticket, but he now  had the  numbers QuickChek would not give me.  NJ never called me to contest payout, just slipped it through.  Now.  the ticket was purchased by me Aug3, 2006 and closed out that day by retail agent.  The game ended Feb 05, 2007.   The last date to claim the ticket for anyone was Feb 5, 2008.   Fall 2009, it was still sitting in computer as winner  I heard with my name.  After mediation which was turned into a mock trial, it was paid again in fraud.  The mediation lawyer who had many conversations with police, did not try to negotiate the ticket for us at any point.   He dropped our expensive cause. THe NJL ticket was paid out of  time frame to make the crime go away.

I called the DAG, who told me now the "winnah" had played this ticket and a man from NY could play anything in NJ. It did not matter if he had cashed an over a million dollar NJL check in my name and was allowed to keep the cash.  It was from a cash account then.   Nothing mattered anymore.  It was easier to make a winner for a cover up than to risk exposure of public trust. We really believed in the Justice System.  It may have fallen in the cracks.  It may have fallen into pockets.  It may have fallen on the floor not to be investigated.   When Sis and I went to the FBI a while ago, she sat in her wheelchair in front of an agent who had ties to our area.  She told of her theft of her coins worth a small fortune and her ticket.  His reply was they had our lottery money and they now had her coin collection and she could kiss them goodby.  She left crying and during that night she had another small stroke. 

I was told it was a State issue, but when someone in the State is involved, how can there be fairness?   Finders keepers; losers weepers.  Someone left my sister sitting in her wheelchair in the rain. 

UnhappyIf I had know our alarm was being shut off and our  home was entered, I would have said so.  We would have had our claim and our home would not have been deliberately burned and all the rest of the horrors we endured.  We are still being robbed and we are still being harassed and those in the game scam got richer while we still spiral financially downwards.

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