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"Earth/Sun Healing Event" Thursday Free Meditation


Metaphysical stuff mind over matter .... total change of pace from recent political topics.  You may or may not choose to participate in the event but here is the info in the event you do.

Note:  She mentions creating rain .... happened in drought stricken Austrailia, Georgia USA,  and to help put out California wildfires after she held group collective meditations/visualizations. 


Dear Friends,

On Thursday, April 22 is Earth Day.  We would like to gather people all day to listen to a Special Broadcast for the following reason:

We are experiencing an emotional planet right now which may be attributed to the increase solar storms.  Here is how I understand this phenomenon (via http://www.terracycles.com/joomla/sections/1-earth/27-solarearthquakeevidence.html).   It states that after a solar storm strikes the Earth, a geomagnetic storm erupts.  The increased magnetic field strength of the magnetosphere pushes down on the ionosphere, which pushes against the oceans.  It is due to the electromagnetic properties of sea water that the oceans become temporarily heavier.  The extra heaviness of the sea water, coupled with the daily tidal forces of the Sun and Moon cause greater than normal forces to press against both the eastern and western boundaries of the Pacific Plate, but more so the western boundary in the South Pacific Islands region which includes Indonesia, Philippines and Japan….  currently the Iceland Volcano may be attributed to the latest solar storm.  Not only is this effecting the earth, it’s affecting us emotionally, intellectually and physically... during the last six months in particular as we can see increasing tension with world leaders threatening nuclear war.   Upon further research, physicists are sounding the warning about solar activity in 2012: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4_TzIUlaQok&feature=related

While we don't want fear to stop us, we do want fear to motivate us.  We all know the power of love as demonstrated by Dr. Emoto on water and the Institute of Heartmath through the heart's intelligence (coherence).  On Thursday, April 22 - Earth Day, I would like to invite you to personally take part in a mass consciousness project (24 hours). 
Instead of feeling powerless, this is the time for us to use action of sending loving energy. Let us invite all the energy healers you know and every man, women and child to send out love to our sun and send it calming energy.  Starting Thursday, a short broadcast,  energized by many incredible healers, will be available for people to listen to and will then remain on the archives to be heard anytime one feels the urge.   Ask your friends and love ones to participate.   Then, when you are in daylight, stop, focus and send appreciation, love and joy to the Sun as well as to our planet and oceans.

Realizing that if it is God's/Source's will for earthquakes,  volcanoes,  solar storms  to happen, nothing will stop it... BUT, what if  God/Source is giving us a valuable opportunity to realize how powerful we truly are over our environment.  We already know from experience that we can create rain through our collective consciousness.  Perhaps this is what we are suppose to be doing in order to deliver ourselves into the "Golden Age."  Let's come together in love which is so much more powerful than doing nothing.   PLEASE FORWARD THIS MESSAGE TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW.

To hear the broadcast anytime Thursday, April 22, go to http://loaradionetwork.com/jewels.html

Much LOVE and HUGS,
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Law of Attraction Radio Network

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Rick GComment by Rick G - April 20, 2010, 6:25 pm
Thanks for the info, konane! I'm a big fan of HeartMath. In fact I do what is described above every day in my meditations. I'm eager to participate in this group focus. It will be interesting to see the results from the Global Consciousness Project for that 24 hour period.

Good post!
konaneComment by konane - April 20, 2010, 7:45 pm
Thanks Rick! I intend to participate. They keep saying we're far more powerful than we could ever realize. Maybe we're beginning to get in touch with it. ;-)

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