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Every Food Item sold in a Country fed to a Supercomputer for further analyzis...


Last Edited: April 21, 2010, 3:06 pm

Dont know if this is correct, but i am mention it, just if in case...What if every food item sold in all the grocery stores, shops, small markets of a country and was fed to a supercomputer...And the supercomputer could analyze it, look for trends, look for what most people of that particular country eat (research purposes), what a demographic area eats that way know what sections of a particular area of the country will suffer from like particular diseases or what is it that they lack in their diets, for marketing purposes, track food better/more specific, if in case of a disease breakout or spread of a disease been able to narrowly pin point/track the disease like to know which areas are Red zones, which areas are Yellow Zones, been able to link like in medicine been able to link certain diseases with certain food consumption and thus better make law reforms thus easing/facilitating medical research, been able to SEE/ESCUDRINAR/PIERCE with the eyesight how different kinds of people/humans react differently to certain diets (e.g: HEIGHT, body mass, lack of exercise, height in gender, height in race, etc, etc), been able to correlate it with infant mortality or infant ailments to see how genetics play a role, statistical anylysis, this way possibly prevent certain ailments from occurring before hand, better assist doctors in prescribing medicine, or better diagnose a conditions, etc, etc, etc....As you know there is an institute who regulates/oversees the Stock Market of a particular country, YET food is not...

And this MIGHT be better than research on rats, because rats research dont always yield the best results, yet this is face to face with the thing...And everytime you buy something you buy it with a card that has your information, body mass, weight, medical conditions (this way possibly prevent certain ailments from occurring before hand, better assisst doctors in prescribing medicine, better diagnosis by doctors, etc), etc, etc....

HOW MUCH MONEY IN BILLIONS OR HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS PER COUNTRY is wasted because wrongfully prescribed medicine or wrongfully diagnosed conditions/ailments...

You could do this with Education like grades, been able to know WHERE is the weakness in education do statistical analysis in education, which schools are at risk, etc, etc, etc...

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