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Spinoffs from the newspaper curse


Last Edited: September 17, 2005, 11:06 pm

A few weird Saturday news items:

Current New Mexico State Treasurer and former State Treasurers indicted for extortion.  Current one, Vigil, will return to work immediately after his arraignment.

ABQ Public Schools Chief Business Officer pleads guilty to DWI.

Hayward, Wisconson, Chai Soua Vang (Southeast Asian?) convicted of killing six deer hunters when they trespassed on his land, called him racial slur names and took a  shot at him.  (A man needs to be a bit careful who he calls whatever they called him.  The law can avenge you, but it can't protect you from someone who's not intimidated by a bunch of guys with rifles).

Katmandu, Nepal, Nepalese armed forces are accused of torturing Maoist rebels to extract confessions, according to UN investigators.  That's a sort of new twist on the thumbscrews.

Indian tribes are suing the US Department of Interior for $100 billion for offenses dating back to 1887.  Maybe it's time to normalize relations with the Indians.  Save some money just to pay the usual welfare and unemployment, rather than all the other wrongs that have happened since Columbus.

UK truckers are evidently going to shut the country down because of fuel prices.

Vatican's ordered Roman Catholic Seminaries to be inspected for 'evidence of homosexuality'.  That one sound fairly repellent.

Some Bush kid, son of a Bush who's evidently Guv of Florida, maybe kinfolk to the Prez somehow, charged with public drunkenness in Texas.

That's the sort of helpful stuff you learn by reading the newspapers.



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