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Inmates, Psychic Pills, Psychic Dreams & And Sort of Movie Flatliners...


Last Edited: April 25, 2010, 12:16 am

                                            Inmates are there, take advantage of them...Someone who wants to throw away money, ask him to placed it in the bank and let the interests go towards paying inmates: A Penny or nickle or 25 cents per day/sleep, benefits when they get out or in prison i dont know or something...

Remember the movie Flatlines with Keith Sutherland, Julia Roberts, Kevin Bacon, etc...Well what if you TEST psychic drugs/pills and tell them to recount their dreams...Listen predicting everyday life situations is not an exact science as advanced as supercomputers are they are not in that level maybe not yet...For the mean time i suggest you try immates psychic pills psychic dreams...Dude HOW OFTEN is a psychic born...Did you know that horses have more uses in modern life than relying on dreams through a psychic pill...And is ironic because if something catasthrophic happen no horse is going to help you...Look at that oil refinery that went down in the gulf of mexico/louisiana how many billions were lost there: had you known about it before hand you could had gotten a: 5 billion dollar check and been able to sponsor more research into this....You know as close as supercomputers might get the day that they ever do there is 1 to 4 factors that i dont know is supercomputers will get correct, i mentioned it on this site before...And that is what i call accident collision fractals...Where tiny changes causes huge dominoes effects and like how everything is linked/intertwined something that will happened 20 miles or 200 miles away will have an effect on the site of the facts, for instance 1 cell phone call can change or disrup bussiness, affect changes, humans have a very sensitive RNG seed called: mood and pulse which can change and cause alterations in the environment....

Example, by you been mad at X time cause cause your wife to go late to work at: X+2.34 hours after the initial time of the incident...Can a supercomputer calculate all of those stuff...It cant even predict Pick4 STRAIGHT WITH 1 TICKET...So i SUGGEST you get some kind of theoretical pill that induces psychism, give it to inmates and give them benefits or pay inmates, what about teenagers, little kids, the elderly, homeless, disabled...Got a fountain of resources and have not use them...A little like the movie: Flatliners....

How many people have psychic abilities...Is very rare to see them...And when they come is just 1 person and you got to WAIT for them to come if they exist...Use what you´ve got....

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