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Religious or Christian Lotto to see what is it that the Spiritual World sees...


Last Edited: April 28, 2010, 8:55 pm

                                                            Like the guys who like a lot of math or the movie: PI, why not create a: Lotto for Deeply religious people...To see if spirits see something beyond what we can see...I was talking of creating a lotto for deeply religious people and creating an association or company or large research group that anylyzes each entry to see what is it that the spiritual world sees and to see if there is any spiritual interference...There is a lot of stuff we dont know about math maybe we could perhaps learn something, did you know that combinations and long strings of combinations can form images, 5 million years perhaps will had passed and you will not had known it, or the secrets to something...The reason WHY you should do this is because:

This is the reason read the following paragraph...(I repeat, there are JOKES and then there is that)....Remember the guy who a rifle bullet got lodged in in head and didnt penetrate...Whatever dude...

Also i was watching the show: 1,000 ways to die which i recomend anyoneto see it...The stuff that happens in that show, the one that has thewoman in the fishing road or the snake that pull the trigger on theriffle while the owner of the gun was picking some flowers and thebullet pierce his heart...Dude i dont know if someone is killing peopleout there BUT if those deaths were LEGITIMATE and happened the way it ismentioned, either we live in a world that has lots of/full ofmagic on it, or there is a spiritual life after death, OR the UNIVERSEis a GIANT SUPERCOMPUTER OR you got something in your brain some sort ofTV in your brain that makes you linked up with other people...Dude thewoman in the fishing road, to have the perfect pulse and that she hadit....Again reality is stranger than fiction, MANY times...I´ve heardcases of people surviving a catastrophe to later DROWN drinking a glassof water...Is as though the spirit world had a sense of humor....Dudethere are Jokes and then there is: THAT, THAT ANOMALY...Or the navysoldier that got sucked up by a fighter plane engine andsurvive...Like how i said before...ONLY on Planet EARTH, ONLY INTHIS UNIVERSE...I think you got better odds of: matching a: Pick300/700 +10 additional bonus balls in order like the Pennsylvania game mix & match...Dude idont know but: ONLY ON PLANET EARTH...You want to hear another joke:China is communist and is almost the size of the USA and it has a smallisland named: Hong Kong and i think hong kong is a democracy not farfrom its shore...And then you got the USA who is democratic with CUBA been communist not far fromit, if you look at the entire continents spread out they are at each other´s end, ONLY ON PLANET EARTH, ONLY IN THIS SOLAR SYSTEM....Dude dont let me start talking...

I am talking a lotto that you play with I.D and there is quick pick and choose your own numbers...And the quick pick it selects a random combination every time...

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