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Ship, Helicopters & Heavy Duty Equipment Mechanic: Central America & Africa


Last Edited: May 2, 2010, 5:16 pm

I was thinking about the following see if this will work...Let´s Put Helicopter Mechanic...Helicopters arre not like cars they are not made everyday, in fact they are a rarity...Not only that, because they are a rarity it means you DONT NEED helicopters everyday...Ships mechanics and helicopter mechanics i will assume make like: 145,000 a year, at least: 89,000 a year...You know, 89,000 a year is a fortune in 6 or 7 years...And the thing is that ships and helicopters are a rarity...You know how they constanly say that, there is no demand for ships mechanics because they are so few of them, you see once you fix them they might not need be fixed not until 2 years later, unlike a car that there is so many of them and every month you need to fix them...

With ships or helicopters there are so few of them and when they need fixing is 2 years later, so like in 2 years you can fix the entire ships or helicopter fleet of a country...Plus it cost a lot of money to pay someone: 89,000 a year EVERY YEAR....And because you are paying 89,000 (not just to 1 person) the profession can be out of work in 5 years because you are paying so much...

So i was thinking why not create in Central America, the Carribbean & parts of Africa where labor is cheap, create, a ship/helicopter/heavyduty mechanic huge yard that fixes ships or helicopter but where they work PART TIME, that way labor or the profession will ALWAYS BE THERE....You know, $89,000 divided by: $250 a month or $3,000 a year is: 29 years...That means that a person will work part time for 29 years..But is not just 1 person...Also is saying that for: $89,000/year you can hire: 29 part time ship/helicopter mechanics working everyday...Why part time??? Because ships, helicopters & Heavy Duty equipment is a: RARITY there are not so many of them...This also means that because there are not so many of them, 1 person can work on 1 ship/helicopter for months before the next ship/helicopter/heavydutyequipment arrives because there are so few of those helicopters in 1 country...And is the same as 1 full time ship mechanic earning $89,000 a year and having to work on 5 ships by himself dedicating 3 hours a day to each ship because he is the only one there because his salary is so expensive...

Listen what you are not thinking is that: you got to pay someone: $89,000 a year + what if you get sued not just once...that´s $89,000 a year 9 times (meaning 9 workers/mechanics) + $500,000 of the lawsuit (and i dont know if is $89,000 a year or $145,000 a year)...that´s just in 1 year...Think....And ships/helicopters/heavy duty equipments are rare stuff plus what if you get competition(s) somewhere else...Are you thinking....Remember, competition somewhere else and ships and helicopters are a rarity....Your company will go broke before you think about it...

Not just that, think about ships, because the price to fix ships is so expensive ships have to raise the price of their embargo or their load, of their fishes that they catch causing things to go up in price, causing seafood & fish to go up in price and anything that comes from the sea to go up in price and going in price the payload/cargo that ships/heavyduty/helicopters carry....Costing the consumer more money in IN THEIR WALLET...

Heavy duty equipment, ships & helicopters is treated like any other industry and is not the same for heavy duty equipment, ships and helicopters are a rarity...Can not be treated the same...

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