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I Had to Dedicate a Blog to This: Very Strange & Creepy: With a UFO..


Last Edited: May 4, 2010, 8:08 pm

I am looking at the TV and i am watching the program: UFO Archives or UFO Hunters...They were saying there that a UFO i dont know if it appeared to a Fighter Pilot of the Peruvian Air Force...I dont even KNOW if back then (that´s if someone ordered him to fly to the area) the thing is that the PILOT´S NAME: is:

OSCAR SANTA MARIA HUERTAS...This happened in: 1980....Again i dont know if this people are fabricating this or not...But IF THE PERUVIAN pilot name is:

OSCAR SANTA MARIA HUERTAS...They say that the Peruvian Fighter plane fired at the UFO and it didnt do anything to the UFO...

You know what that name is backwards:

ROCAS (FOR OSCAR) SANTA MARIA HUERTAS....I looked up the word HUERTAS and it says it means: ORCHARDS...I remember that the word Huertas de Huertos means: FROM The SOIL OR IN THE SOIL or Part of Agriculture...Hurta can also mean: HURTAR SOMEONE, meaning HURTING as in: Stabbing someone...

I am not that superticious but: In English is: ROCK SAINT MARY SOIL SPOT or ROCK SAINT MARY FROM THE SOIL...

That name is sort of like saying: ¨Where is your burial soil spot sepulcre SAINT MARY...¨

i recal that sometimes they will put a big rock over the burial ground of people....

Whatever the name means, IS A STRANGE NAME...

What is needed is to know if he was sent or if the UFO appeared to him...Even if he was sent the idea that whoever sent he will KNOW what his name means....

What´s the Population of Peru...lol...How MANY people with that name...

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