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Hatians, Afganistanists & Poor People as Fitness Motivational Instructors to the Elderly & Obese


                                                              Dude most of diseases worldwide are bi-products of obesity dude HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF PEOPLE die each day world wide due to that, is like a: Global War...

I say, why dont we use like people from: Haiti, Afganistan, Mongolia, parts of Africa, countries that are extremely poor and people who are very poor without jobs in countries and use them as labor to be: Personalized FITNESS MOTIVATIONAL INSTRUCTORS & Fitness Experts who are always with you like sort of a body guard or guardian angel but of fitness for the elderly and obese...You know i heard a woman on tv who was obese who said that she felt that at age: 50 there was no CURE to her obesity that there was nothing she could not do...This made me realized that what people a lot of time need is motivation...I´ve also come to learn that anyone can throw punches few can be motivated to work out EVERYDAY now imagine when you are very older or elderly...

People chip in (pitch in) in large quantities, place it in the bank and you hire them and your guardian angel can even work out with you...For instance many times the cases is that people dont get up early...Did you know that if you get up at: 8am everyday if you could get up 5am and work out for 1 hour or 30 minutes everyday it will make a difference...Just by waking up: 30 minutes or 1 hour earlier....Not just that nobody himself or herself can get up 1 hour early and be motivated not unless someone wakes you up, keep you awake and/or motivate you...

All we need is to speak a common language...

I owe this idea to: Dr. Sanjay Gupta from CNN and to CNN itself...Saw something on tv and it spark something on me....

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