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The Undesired Emergency Fund or Undesired Emergency/Relief Exchange..


Last Edited: May 7, 2010, 12:52 am

Listen you NEED to stop looking at the world as: Bad & Evil rich and poor and thedifferent races…The world is made out of different people and there is more: Weaks, undesired/not ideal than ideal people…Is like 8 out of 10 people are weak/undesired or in need…Only 2 out of the 10 are IDEAL…I will list some…You may not like it….That idea that there is more good-healthy-ideal people than bad needs to change….

There isVERY, VERY SHORT PEOPLE which they are a minority, there is: very rare people,there is: mentally sick people, there is convicts/prisoners,  there is physically sick people (diseases,conditions, stroke victims), there is VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY tall people whichthey are a minority, there is VERY FAT PEOPLE, there is babies, there are kids,there are teenagers, there are elderlies, there is blind people, there isdrug/cigarettes/alcohol addicts, there are immigrants, there are prostitutes,there are physically disabled, there are extremely, extremely poor people,there are homeless people, there are half of black people, there are native Indian people, there are people with high blood pressure, people with sexually transmitted diseases, there are soldiers/policemen, there are animals, there are criminals, there is Afganistan, there is Sudan, there is Mongolia, There is Guyanas, there is Belice, there are some countries in the Carribbean, there is Ethiopia, there are a couple of countries in Africa, there is 3 or 4 countries in Asia, there is 35% of each country unemployed, there are some of the female/women gender, there are small island countries that live very north or very south of the planetwhere there is very little sunshine and is VERY, VERY COLD, there is the DEAD, thereis gays and lesbians people, people with erectile disfunction (is got to beterrible), the super unattractive, there is half of mixed people between a black person & a spanish, white or chinese people, there is 42% of Indian people from India, there is foster kids, etc, etc, etc…There is not even an:EMERGENCY FUND OR EMERGENCY/RELIEF EXCHANGE for this kind of people….

Again isNOT just Rich & Poor or black & white/yellow or brown…You MIGHT SAY, OH THAT´S NOT THAT BAD IS NOT A LONG LIST: GUESS WHAT???? If you start DIVIDING each of those types/kinds times: race the different levels of race/features,nationality, religion, economic  status,HEIGHT, skin tone, features, gender, etc, etc, the THE LIST QUADRUPLES ORQUINTUPLES….SO the next time, you are going to help or donate something or lookat the world or MAP the world or sweat: LOOK AT THIS LIST ALSO OR HAVE THIS LIST IN MIND…

I owe this idea to a white spanish guy that had on a yellow shirt and a mixed with darker tone spanish woman (her hair was sort of mixed and light copper color), she said something and it sparked something in my mind...

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