If You Hate Your Job!




I had a job that lasted 15 years.  There was a lot of things I was unhappy about and I became bitter.  Lots of other people just quit.  I lost my job.  It happened July 2004.  I had been smart enough to be out of debt, so I only had a mortgage, no car payment, two cars and no credit card debt.  But I still wanted my job.  I had made it who I was.  I worked in Museum Education.

I had a job 6 months after that and it only lasted 6 months through no fault of mine.  Southtrust merged with Wachovia and Bank of America pulled it's funding, and we also lost our space.  It happens a lot in non-profits.

Getting a job is no joke these days.  You can have the education, skills, experience and it can not be good enough.  It is tough.  So if you hate your job and have had it for awhile.  Get some therapy.  It's better than looking for another one. 

I had an interview today at UNCC.  First I met with 1 person for 45 minutes.  Good. Then I met with 4 other people for 45 minutes.  Good. Then I met with 3 other people for 45 minutes.  Good. Then I had to take a test, a work study they called it.  Not so good.  It was too much direction in the test.  It needed to be simplier.

The first 2 paragraphs were information not needed and I had to wave through the instuctions.  I can tell some college professor wrote it. I only had 30 minutes and the first 10 minutes I wasted, reading the instuctions.  I kept saying to myself.  Janet, you still can pull this off.  I think I did.  I got through it.  Since I did so well in interviews with the groups of people I don't think the test will weigh that much.  If give myself an 85 for this interview because of the test.

Had a job interview yesterday with United Way of Central Carolinas.  The interview went very well.  I grade myself a 90 on the way that I felt it went.  I had a 20 something interviewing me and there were no tough questions.  I had to take 3 tests.  One in Microsoft Word, Exel, and Powerpoint.  I did a good job.  I scored a 93 on beginner's Word, and 83 in intermediate and advanced.  I scored 83 in Powerpoint beginnner's and not so well with intermediate and advanced.  Exel I scored the same as Word.  I think they might offer me a position.  And I have 15 years experience.  I've had 3 jobs in twenty years and the last one only lasting 6 months.

So far, I've been making my leaving playing the lottery.  I really don't want a job.

The interview process is a job itself.









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Avatar Gentlespirit -
I enjoyed reading "If You Hate Your Job! I use to love my job until it was bought out by another company. I realize I'm hanging by a thread...but I haven't perfected making a living by playing the lottery. I wish I could!!!! I applaud you my friend. At least you are doing what you love to do!
Avatar Tenaj -
Thank you Gentlespirit.

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