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To Countries of the World: You HAVE to do Something About this: YOu cant Keep Advancing


Last Edited: May 7, 2010, 8:50 pm

                                                       You can keep walking forward or advancing: and NOT Notice this:



I am not calling anyone thrash, what i am saying is: You only look at the good and this PILE of The Not Good In Society, the dirty oil, the exhaust pipe of a truck...

Just BRINGING IT to your attention...Not Everything is focusing on the beautiful you got to look at the dirty side....If the dirty stuff STARTS PILING UP what you think is going to happen....You already face a PILE OF PROBLEMS on your own....Is like walking with a: birth mark the side of your torso...Is a HUGE STAIN...

You may say: OH NOT A BIG DEAL we are just a small country....Start COMPILING EACH COUNTRY AND WHAT DO YOU GOT...This is BESIDE POVERTY...

It just: PROVES that works need to be done, that we are at war with everything that is pelting fire at us...Not EVERYTHING IS GETTING MARRIED....

You start adding up the 2 and AT LEAST YOU GOT like an ENTIRE CONTINENT...

I can start LISTING: those 2 with poverty, overpopulation, desert expansion, deforrestation, a blow to the USA economy, spreading of diseases, climate getting colder or warmer, reserves of petroleum, ect, ect, ect, the list goes on...Pero NO tu todo lo sabes, a ti nadie te dise nada...What happens when the population is: 14 billion or 20 billion....

Despues tu dices que no eres un animal, que tu eres una belleza de Dios, y ese es Dios el TODOPODEROSO, creator of this <snip> UNIVERSE...

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