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Numbers Don't Have Memories



After explaining to a LP member how I track numbers, like go to the last state a draw fell in and play what came near it or with it.   Or, look at the last time before or anywhere else it fell and see if there are particular numbers that fell near when it does.  I said, usually you have your hands on a hit.

That must have sounded insane to him because he relied,  "Numbers don't have memories."  How does a NY number know what fell in PA or and ill number know what fell in SC.    I said, because there’s a pattern going on.  They are traveling.

Well, when 511 fell in NY Sept 17 and repeated 511 in Chicago last night.  I became suspicious.  So I went back and looked at what came with the 511 in NY and what was around it… it came with 601 in PA.  Well 601 was on it’s third repeat, last SC the day before and the 10th, I canceled it out. 
But here they were- triples 000 and 999 the next day.  On the average you would go for what fell on that day.  But since triples were/are dominates and turns on the same numbers, I figured they were the culpits.

So, why shouldn’t we believe that 511 didn’t bring 000 back?  Or the 826 on Sept 15 didn’t bring the 104 back today in ill.  When 862 fell the day before (14th)  in ill - 014  fell ill that same night.  Shall I believe that the repeat of 826 brought back the 014 combo.

So, do numbers communicate, do they group together and relate and have associates when they travel or do they have memories? 

Entry #15


Comment by Rip Snorter - September 20, 2005, 9:48 pm
If numbers don't communicate, don't have memories, don't group together, they do such an exemplary job of simulating it as to render the question moon.

Actually, they don't do any of those things you mentioned. However, thanks to the coincidence coordinators, they aren't required to do those things. All they have to be is the 8 ball in the corner pocket for the CCs.

four4meComment by four4me - September 20, 2005, 10:25 pm
of the 220 unique numbers 6way 3way and 1 way. totaling 1000 numbers each have the same chance of hitting at any time on any given day. as to relationships sure there are some when and if you could create a data base that would track every hit in every state you could eventually come to some conclusion that certain numbers in the 220 group will hit somewhere the same way or one of the 6-3-1 ways. On any given day and could almost narrow it down to which of the 220 groups 3 digit numbers were due for a particular drawing in some of the different states. By all this I am saying that numbers rotate throughout there cycles digits. 0 thru 9 recycle themselves in each position. Next time you see 123 come out, soon if not the same day in another state 231 might come out then 132 and so on this happens with all of the numbers in the 220 list.

The 123 combo might hit in 6 or more different states within a 2 week period. So also might any other 3 digit combo. With many states having two drawings every day it is possable that 60 or 70% of the 1000 numbers in the spread could hit. By using the 220 list you can narrow the search for a winner by elimimating the hard numbers and finding the popular numbers that seem to hit all the time.

WindD has them in his blog. If you copy and print it out. Then go back to the begining of the year and mark of every number that hit in your state you will see what i mean and you might get some ideas from it on what to play next.
TenajComment by Tenaj - September 20, 2005, 11:45 pm
Four4me, that's is much too broad. It would be like spitting in the wind. I rather believe that there is a pattern. And when you see a certain number fall you know which one will follow it because you've seen it happen many times. You have it recorded. Wouldn't you like to narrow down a hit to 3 numbers and know from the memories (smile) that they will fall and WIN.
four4meComment by four4me - September 21, 2005, 12:41 am
Every time a number hits in my state i look at the history which i have downloaded it is rare for a number to follow another number that just hit from the past even looking over our 30 yrs worth of history. I'm not saying it doesn't happen just rare. But i can look at the 220 list and see how many numbers are left that haven't hit in any combination of the sum range of the number that just hit. It is hard to explain how i use the 220 list but. For example we are 9 1/2 months into the year. 2 drawings a day that's roughly 570 drawings most of the numbers from the 220 list have hit several times and only several straights are left that haven't hit.

Many of those popular numbers i spoke of have hit several times exact. And nearly 150 of the 220 have hit in 2 of their six way forms now the remaining part of the year i will concentrate on their other remaining ways they might hit and work them in to my other methods of picking. Everybody on here has different ways and you asked it they have memories.

i'm saying it's a relationship. Because the 220 list is more about sums and some times the numbers come out several times a week in the same sum as their partners. moreover if you track numbers by their sums then you can see the patterns from month to month and can almost know what sum range to work with for most draws. Of course there are days when you might play 5 sums in a 13 thru 18 range and a sum of 6 or 9 might hit but those are just the way the ball bounces. Many times the next draw will be in the sum range you knew was due.

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