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TT's..Triple Triggers


I rarely post triples for personal reasons.

But I am happy to share what I have learned about catching them.


Triple triggers are generally helpful for most states. I have found a    few states that do not ring true to what I have learned. Idaho, Nebraska, and New Mexico to name a few seem to have a different drummer at times. California and Texas are hard to pinpoint for a triple time for me.


In general you will have 3 sets of series fall between triples. Ex: 012 213 234 534 465 768 978 901 etc. Watch for these in the four way game as well.


You will see 58, 59, 69 (also 99 & 66 will show sometimes representing the 69 camp) Usually with a one or a zero up to 10 days prior to triples falling.( if the 508,509,or 609 falls - a trigger number with 0 in the middle - it speeds things up and you see the triple sooner) Ex: 085, 158, 509, 915 690,991 etc. Watch the 4-way game for these too. The states that do not seem to respond to what I consider normal TT numbers usually present 48 & 49 instead of 58 & 59 as I listed above.


A good sign is a zero in the middle of any other two numbers, or an outside double. Outside double Ex: 848 393 717 232 565 919 959 838 040 and so on.


Full moon, Mercury turning, and holidays seem to pop triples out. Finding the timing for the moon's phase or mercury turning is easy with a search "moon phases" " full moon" " Mercury retrograde" but someone usually announces that in LP Mystical.


Lastly, the false triple may fall especially during a mercury retro period. There are 2 different thought on false triples. One is to add or subtract 5. Ex: 777 = 772, 444 = 449, 000 = 005. What my old friend Annie taught me is different. 1=0, 6=9. 2=5.3=8.4=7. False triples being 110, 552, 774 etc. I mention this because   I notice when I am set for a triple and a false triple comes out I normally do not see the triple until I have new triggers for one.


To simplify this entire page look for these three things:

  1. 3 series
  2. 580/581, 590/591, 690/691
  3. 0 in the middle

Some triggers may be missing, some may repeat. When you see 58 you normally see 59. When you see 69, 66, or 99 it usually repeats itself and if these numbers do not show before a triple they will often show after a triple.

When I think a triple is coming I read cards to see when and which triple will fall. This is easily done by pulling 10 cards from a deck and doing what the last card you pull says to do (play or do not play). I have had hits of 10, 15, 25, and 50 grand doing this over the last 25 years in lotto and other games.

Instruction on how to read the cards is in an earlier blog. I hope people try it, practice it a while and can profit from it.

Entry #10


Comment by numberolegy51 - September 28, 2010, 9:34 am
what about a tripple list for ohio

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