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Some Ideas & Some Thoughts...


Last Edited: May 20, 2010, 1:27 pm

Perfume Spray Can for Clothes: You know they sell body spray but is meant to be put on when you are ready to go out...I was thinking...Get cheap cologne/perfume and create a big can something like Lysol but for your clothes and sell it so that people everytime they wash their clothes in the washer and dry them can spray that cologne/perfume spray can on their clothes and then fold them...That way you smell good all day on ANY clothes you put on...I am talking the cheapest cologne/perfume ever, the ones for $1 or 75 cents the bottle...

Squid & Octupus Sassauge: take small pieces thin pieces of the squid and octupus and then take a regular beef or chicken saussage and wrap the thin pieces of squid and octupus and sell it as a saussage...

The Forex: If you Plan to Crack it: If you plan to follow the forex and try to rake hundreds of millions or even a couple of millions or a couple of hundreds of thousands, if you plan to do that, YOU NEED AND YOU WILL NEED A TEAM, YOU WILL ALWAYS NEED A TEAM, A LARGE TEAM...I REPEAT, A VERY LARGE TEAM...A small team can not and will not do it....For the lottery you need a large team and i THINK the forex is harder than the lottery because there is more money involved and there will need to be a: Lotterypost.com of the Forex, which there is none...And i am not talking about all of them looking at the Forex but other stuff...

Raw or Steamed Brocolli & Collard Greens passed through a Super Powerful, POWERFUL Blender and mixed into juices sold in stores: Why nobody tries it...Raw though, cut up in fine pieces mixed with regular juices and sold on the market on stores, you know regular juices, the ones: EVERYONE DRINKS lobby those juices companies i dont know....Then you like to cry and complain, OH MY GOD i got cancer, i got cancer, i got cancer...Then you like to ask: My Gosh why so many people worldwide got cancer....Just so you know: Cancer is the world BIGGEST TERRORRIST...

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