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Could this be the reason why: People who Eat Right Succumb to Cancer or other Illnesses


Last Edited: May 20, 2010, 9:07 pm

                                                 When i was in: 5th grade my teacher told me that what you ATE goes to the intestine and in the intestine is where the body absorbs WHAT IT NEEDS AND WHAT IT DOESNT NEED IT REFUSES IT all this occuring in the intestine....i dont know how correct is this theory because it will not account for how the body stores fat, unless the body uses what it chose to collect in the intestine and what it doesnt need it stores it as fat...

If this is theory is true this will explain why people who eat right and possibly exercise succumb to cancer and other illnesses and it will explain why so many people are: FAT...

Most people eat to they full themselves, many after they are full still continue to be settle full but if the body absorbs let´s say 83% of food and it absorbed 80% of something And 3% of something else and you go ahead and 2 hours later or even 20 minutes later you go and eat what was supposed to help you fight cancer and other illnesses then the 3% is already absorbed is already taken, so the 3% of the stuff that was supposed to help you fight the cancer and other illness will be rejected because it already took the 3% +  the 80%.....And you dont know what that percentage is that the stomach takes in....So basically you are not absorbing that stuff that will help you fight cancer and other illnesses and if you do absorb is very little...

it will explain why so many people are fat, because most people think that all the food gets absorbed, that the body when is full stores the rest as fat and leaves some to get rid of by natural means...What this means, that most people have been improperly thaught when they are kids, when they are kids is the key not when they are adults because they already have been accustomed to...

Could this be the reason....

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sully16Comment by sully16 - May 20, 2010, 9:14 pm
genetics or enviromental exposure can cause cancer. people who don;t even smoke can get lung cancer from radon or asbestos.

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