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Some Ideas & Some Thoughts...


Last Edited: May 21, 2010, 8:33 pm

Your Toothbrush Attracting Roaches: I noticed something very wrong with the toothbrush...You go and eat 3 TIMES A DAY sometimes 4 and you use your toothbrush...After a while your toothbrush get so mixed with the food of your mouth after you have rinsed your mouth and rinsed the toothbrush....You are not aware of it but you will leave your toothbrush in the bathroom and it will give an: ODOR, small odor [food scent] that insects could pick up and rats they sense of smell is more developed than yours and since they are small their sense of smell is to pick up, small scents the smell will come from all over the house making a howling call to all roaches, rats, bugs, possibly spider even outside your house...Tell me, what happens if a roach starts playing with your toothbrush ALL NIGHT and leaves in the morning when you are waking up and if you noticed many roaches are sort of nocturnal....It deposits eggs, who knows what that same roach has been to feces somewhere else...You start getting all kinds of diseases or heart attacks...

The best thing is to leave your toothbrush in a cup of water and before you are going to brush your teeth mix it up with soap and rinse it...

Got this Idea from Channel 2 News TNV of Honduras: Rivers going overboard: In Central America and Small Landized Countries/Governments: I noticed that in many rivers in central America people throw thrash in the rivers and they overflow and it cost those governments dozens of millions of dollars in loss, Aid, Recovery...I was thinking, why doesnt the government invest in creating a HUGE net along where the bridges of those countries are [because that´s where people throw the thrash and this net is ontop of the rivers like a basket catching the refuse/thrash that people throw, some kind of net that can be withdrawn and collect the thrash every so many days, 4 times a day...OR create a metal bar/rod/post that goes horizontally from one side of the river to the next with a net or metal net that goes inside the river at a particular point of the river, and that it traps every thrash going forward the metal net the holes are wider so certain things can go through them (like a soccer goalie frame), and every so many minutes or hours the mesh-net rises the pole rotates and the metal mesh-net rises and empties into a plastic bin behind the mesh and the bin 4 times a week gets collected, and there is 1 person surpervising that everything goes well, and you ONLY need, 1 of this bin-metalmesh-net-horizontalpole, 1 in each river and it collects all the thrash....Every animal that wants to go through can go around it....And the government of a country saves itself: 10 million in 3 months, like 60 million in 1 year PER RIVER...Houses dont get flooded....And you can even charge communities who live close to the river: 10 cents or 25 cents a month that goes into the maintenance of the aparatus...I owe this idea to that: Channel....

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