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Let me introduce myself


Hello everyone.  I'm posting this right after registering today, because I want to establish, to those that care to know, what my basic opinions are about lotterys.  

I've been playing, starting in Philly since the mid 70s.  I think I've wasted a lot of time on the 3 digit numbers, and I'm now concentrating more on the one game that gives the most for the best odds - The Jersey Cash 5.  It's currently a 40 number game, and the jackpot grows if not hit.  This is better than neighboring NY's jackpot that sticks at 50 grand.  Since I am 5 miles from the NY border, I often play both states, but consider NY less of a priority since I no longer commute there for employment.  

Anyway, let me get down to brass tacks.  I know we lottery players are disparaged by non players as chumps, even if these same naysayers go to the casinos and fork over big coin to be dazzled by bells and whistles.  I am not a fan of any computer programmed gaming.  Even the slots in casinos are programmed, a fact I was slow to realize because the arm pulling feature is still used to sedate the sentimental crowd.  I play the lottery's games that use the "balls in the air" machines.  I know what the various odds are - I just prefer to not have in programmed in to guarantee those.  And worse, if the odds can be programmed, why not have it programmed for steeper odds?  With the bobbling balls in the air, it seems more possible that any number can actually be drawn, and without it being possible to electronically consider all the numbers claimed as bets first.   I've seen the same set drawn in Pick 3 consecutively quite a few times.


True confession time:  I know I have played enough money to have a quite decent nest egg of money in savings, and these hard economic times are not getting any better any time soon.  In a way, that is more incentive to have an iron in the fire, not laying all hopes on it, but I call it using some of your recreational money usefully.  I don't smoke or drink, don't put bills in stripper's G-strings, don't even drive a fancy expensive car.  Allow me one vice.  Oh, of course, I am preaching to the choir here.  I look forward to communicating with many of you good people that still believe in luck.

Entry #1


LottoVantageComment by LottoVantage - May 22, 2010, 3:23 pm
Welcome aboard!! Well, I would rather be lucky than good anytime, but it helps if you can significantly increase your odds by reducing the playing field. I don't waste my time with pic-3 games either. I look for repeating patterns within the matrix system, and capitalize on the repetitiveness of those patterns to significantly reduce the amount of numbers played, and at the same time, significantly increase the odds of winning.

The process of successfully capturing winning numbers is relatively simple. Although, the (initial) recognition of the strategic pattern formulation, can be somewhat confusing. The following explanation may assist in overcoming this (initial) calamity.

Using a statistical scale aligned from top, (most active), to bottom, (least active), and divided in the center by however many numbers there are in the lotto system you are following, (such as in Ohio’s Rolling Cash 5), I take the dividing line and place it between the bottom 19, and the top 20 numbers of the total statistical scale. I call this the Average Draw Line. Once this line is established, it can be observed how numbers flow up and down the statistical scale, and where numbers are mostly appearing, (upper group, or lower group).

When you observe 4 or more numbers appearing together in one group or the other, it's time to act. It is commen, (actually observed), for this to continue for up to seven or more drawings.

A wheeling system is necessary at this point, preferably a 4if5of19, and a 4if5of20. Take the last 10 draws, and average the total sum of those draws. Now, during the wheeling process, reduce each group of those numbers to the average sum you have established, give or take a sum of 4 or 5, and you have a playable reduced amount of tickets covering the entire spectrum of the lottery you are playing. The guarantee of those wheels are 4 numbers if 5 are hit, but there is always the possibility of capturing 5 under the right circumstances.

Something to think about and observe...

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