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Some Ideas & Some Thoughts...


this gave me an idea you know how stock market people hire psychics [so i heard on Fox] to give them what the psychic have a gut feeling on stuff and about the future and stuff like that, what if there are millions of women [all kinds of women] out there at home without a job been mothers to their kids, while the husband is at work, what if you gave them all microscopes to look at samples, analyze stuff, etc and tell them to give you the slightest gut feeling since i think they see detail...How much a microscope cost: $200 and you give them benefits, or other stuff...I say this because i think the way women perceive the world they see more: Details...Just to look at the microscope when they get a chance...

I dont think no one has picked this idea up very simple and stupid: I owe it to a heavy chick who was looking at her small purse....I dont think nobody on wall street has picked this up, i am just suggesting....To people that like trading and stuff...On the 28th and 29th and on the 14th and 13th of the month people´s wallet will be empty because they have maxed out their checks and they are waiting for the next paycheck so that means, less consumerism on those days which means that on those days the market is going to be down or down many points...And on the 16th and 2nd is when people are purchasing a lot using their paychecks so the Stock Market will be very up on points on those days...

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